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Why crate training is so essential when training puppies

Just to state the obvious, the first thing you need to do when you bring home your new puppy or dog, is make them feel comfortable in their new home. Introduce them to the whole house and household members, the backyard and the neighborhood. It is essential that they socialize and begin basic training. For many, this includes the crate training method. Some dog owners love it, while others could never dream of it. The choice is yours. However, crate training is one of the most effective ways to introduce your pup or dog to its new home.

Crate training is among the most efficient methods to introduce your pup or new dog to its new environment. Crating is definitely an efficient technique of training simply because it incorporates the dog's natural instinct of nesting with getting them to do something you want. It's much easier than trying to force them to do something.
As with any form of training, consistency is key. You need to get into a good routine which will help the dog become familiar with when it needs to go out and do its business, and avoid doing it in the wrong places.

The next essential thing you must do is give praise whenever they do their thing properly at the right time and in the right place. Only small healthy treats though, because diet is also an important part of the potty training method. But giving them a show of love or a small treat will help them understand that they have done a good job.

The basic premise of crate training is to keep them confined when there is no supervision. Your dog should be placed in their crate every night or when they are at home by themselves. Your first job in the morning upon waking, or when you come home from where ever is you were, is to enthusiastically greet them, let them out of their crate, and take them outside to go to the bathroom.

Crating a dog is meant to help them, to not abuse them by ignoring or forgetting about them. For the most part a dog won'tlonghaired_chihuahua soil where he sleeps, but he also can't hold it in forever. Leaving you pup crated for a lengthy period of time will most certainly lessen the effect of your potty training, not mention it borders on abuse.

Never forget to give them praise and rewards for a job well done. They will soon put two and two together and figure out good things happen when they do what you want them to do.

You need to acknowledge that accidents will happen in the starting phase. It requires time for them to understand what is wanted of them, much like kids. By no means punish them for accidents, but firmly let them know that what they did was not right. In the event you discover "present" a couple of days later, it won't help to punish them because they'll don't have any concept what they've don wrong. The idea is to get your pet to understand what you want them to do, not to be frightened of you.

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