Warm for the Holidays: Weatherproofing Your Pet

Those cold winter months are right around the corner. Antifreeze and snow chains are being added to cars. Gutters and roofs are receiving inspections and heating systems are being checked for the long months ahead. But, your house and car aren't the only things that need special attention—outside pets need cold weather consideration as well. And, though the optimal course would be to bring your furry friend inside for the winter months, if that's not possible, you should make sure that he has a weatherproof, dry, heat-retaining place to weather the cold months.

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A Few Ways To Celebrate Pets This Holiday Season

>The holiday season is about celebrating those you love including your furry, feathered, and even fishy friends. So why not do something kind for animals this December?

There are lots of ways you can show your pet today (and every day) just how much he or she means to you. After all, our pets fill our days with unconditional love, reduce stress and lead to longer and happier lifespans, and generally just make every day a little brighter. Here are just a few ways to make the season a little more festive and fun for you and your pets.

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Caring for feral and stray cats in winter

Winter has always made me sad. Not because I dislike the cold or snow, but because if you care for stray and feral critters, you are keenly aware of just how difficult the colder months can be for them. But there are a few things you can do to make their lives a little easier this winter. Simple kindnesses like shelter and extra food and water can save lives, as can things like knocking on the hood of your car before you turn on your engine to make sure that no outdoors cats (or squirrels or even raccoons) have taken shelter there.

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Open Your Heart to a Pet, It’s Good For You

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many people are thinking about love or the ones they love. As a pet lover, I’m sure you include Fluffy or Fido on that list. Having a pet or pets in your life is not only fulfilling, but it’s actually good for you in some many ways. So if you were thinking about adding another pet to your family or adopting your first pet, here are a few incentives:

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Have An Emergency Plan For Your Pet

Spring is a stormy season. Here in Tennessee, flash floods, thunderstorms, and tornados are all too common. So having an emergency plan for your family, including your pets, is important. Just like Daylight Saving Time is a good reminder to change the batteries in your fire alarms, the start of spring is a great time to update your emergency plans.

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Ten ways you can make the world brighter for animals

When it comes to making the world a better place for animals (and humans) the task can seem overwhelming. Everywhere you look, there’s a sad story. Although it might not seem like it, many of those stories are a chance for a happy ending.

Thanks for Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram and Tumblr and so many other sites,) stories that once would’ve only reached a few people locally are now being read by animal-lovers around the world. And because of it, lost dogs and cats (and even teddy bears) are finding their way home, programs like Pup My Ride are able to organize volunteers nationwide to transport homeless pets to their forever homes, and people around the world are able to reach out to support the animals and people affected by global disasters.

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