Humane puppy stores can work

How did Charlie, a 2 ½ year-old homeless Pomeranian dog with a broken jaw, sitting on death row in a South Central L.A. animal shelter end-up getting adopted from posh pet shop in one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Los Angeles?

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Adoption "Tour for Life" hits the road

Two brightly decorated vans have headed out from New York to visit 24 U.S. cities as the North Shore Animal League begins its 9th annual Tour of Life adoption campaign.  Over the next six-weeks the rescue group hopes to find homes for 700 orphaned pets living in shelters in 16 states.

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New technology to help two-legged pup

In January when a litter of puppies was found on the side of a road in Florida, it was discovered that one of the little guys had only two legs. The litter of eight was taken to an animal rescue group called Pet Rescue by Judy. The puppies that were only days old at the time, have been cared for by volunteers and will soon be adopted.

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Eva’s story: a puppy mill survivor

Raids on puppy mills are in the news a lot lately. The stories talk about hundreds of dogs being rescued and taken to animal welfare groups for safety. But do you know what happens after that? Here is one dog’s personal story.

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1,000 Days in a cage

This is a long and complicated story that has missed the attention from the media that it deserves. But the repercussion from this event has sentenced nearly 100 dogs to more than 1,000 days in a cage. 

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