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How to be a responsible pet owner as a student

>Having a pet could give you more happiness than you can imagine. Pets love their owners unconditionally and stick with them no matter what. Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Having a pet is like having a constant companion that listens to you and stays by your side, even in the trickiest situations. Students, in particular, are often extremely fond of pets. Student life is full of ups and downs.

It is that phase of our lives when our hormones are raging and we are determined to change the world. Owning a pet as a student could prove to be fruitful but equally challenging. Keeping up with stringent academic schedules and simultaneously taking out time for your pet could be a herculean task. However, a person’s individual attributes play a key role in taking responsibility of a pet. If you are determined to manage academics, social life, co-curricular activities and pets, all at once, this blog is for you. It teaches you how to be a responsible pet owner as a student.

1.    Be ready to multi-task

You will have lots to do in very little time. You will stay busy with classes, friends, parties and maybe even part-time jobs. Amidst your busy schedule, it will be a must for you to take out time to care for your pet. Remember that having a pet is like having a baby. It needs care and protection all the time. You will have to look for a way to make sure your pet is okay while you’re away. Another important facet to give due consideration to, before keeping a pet, is money. Students often survive on a shoe-string budget. Therefore, before you get your pet home, make sure that you have financial backup to support its food and other needs.


2.    Pay Attention to It

Remember that once you bring a pet home, it becomes your responsibility for its entire lifetime. Pets have needs, just like us humans. Providing your pet with food, proper shelter and medical care when needed is a responsibility you cannot later run away from. Make sure that your pet stays in a shelter that protects it from the sun or rain. Get it vaccinated at required intervals and make sure it gets an annual check-up done. Remember that the onus of your pet’s physical, mental as well as social well being is on you. Take out time to play with it or take it out for walks. Train it in a manner that it does not urinate or defecate inside the house. Use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filters in the house to keep airborne allergens at bay.

responsible pet ownership


3.    Protect It

There are a lot of things you would need to protect your pet from. Protect it from the heat, cold, infections and germs. Right from diseases to unwanted pregnancy, it is your responsibility to make sure your pet stays healthy. We already discussed getting your pet vaccinated to prevent it from falling prey to diseases. Similarly, to prevent your pet from getting pregnant, you could neuter or spay it. This must be done to ensure that you only keep the number of pets you can provide for.

responsible pet ownership


4.    Obey the Anti Rabies Act

It is expected of a responsible owner to obey the Anti Rabies Act by not allowing his pet to roam freely in public. It is important that you take control of your pet and ensure that it does not cause menace to those living nearby. Prevent it from entering into somebody else’s property and defecating in others’ lawns. Make sure it is well behaved and obeys you. For instance, it is recommended that you use a leash when you take your dog out for a walk or to any public place like parks, malls or markets. This must be done to ensure that he causes no harm to any public property.

5.    Do Not Back Off

Before you keep a pet, ask yourself if you really have it in you to take care of it. Once you get it home, there’s no looking back. A responsible owner never abandons his pet. He never even pleads with the animal welfare organization for the adoption of his pet. Think through before you make this life-changing decision. Prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Make a list of pros and cons and evaluate carefully. Only then bring your pet home. However, once it’s yours, if for some or the other reason, you absolutely must let go of it, make sure you find it a suitable home. Take meticulous and compassionate measures to ensure that your pet leads a happy life ahead.

responsible pet ownership

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