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4 of the Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes With Pets

Humans and pets alike make messes, but your furry friend can’t clean up when they’ve had an accident on the floor. It’s your job as a pet owner to keep your pet happy and healthy and care for the environment they live in.

Homes with carpets are susceptible to stains when you own a dog or cat. You may think you’re taking all the right steps to properly remove the mess, but pet stains are more challenging to deal with than the average drink spill.

Continue reading about the most common carpet cleaning mistakes pet owners make so that you know what to avoid in the future.

Waiting To Clean Stains

You may be about to leave the house for work when your pet accidentally pees on the carpet. In a rush, you quickly do what you can, but the stain lingers all day long.

This is one of the worst situations that can occur. Just like any stain on carpets or clothing, it’s most effective to clean it up right away. Waiting to clean makes it harder to remove. Even when you’re in a rush, do your best to thoroughly clean it up and prevent a permanent stain.

Failing To Treat Pet Odors

Even when you clean up a mess caused by your pet promptly and can no longer see the stain, the odor may remain. If your pet peed or pooped on the carpet, they may sense the scent and do it again in the future. It becomes a never-ending cycle that’s detrimental to carpeting.

After cleaning a stain, odor neutralizers can help remove the stench of various pet stains. If that doesn’t work, then contacting a professional carpet cleaning service might be your next best option. Expect a carpet stain removal service to effectively remove pet stains and odors from beneath the surface to leave your home smelling fresh.

Pressing Stains Into the Carpet

You use a paper towel or cloth to absorb the stain and pick up the items. While the matter disappears, did you know this process can actually make matters worse?

There’s a more effective way to clean up vomit or feces on the carpet. When you use a paper towel or cloth to pick up these matters, you press the stain further into the carpet.

Instead, try using a tool to help scrape away the substance first. Gently use a putty knife to peel away the substance and toss it in a disposable dust pan or garbage bin. This process helps avoid pushing the stain deep into the carpet fibers.

Aggressively Scrubbing Stains

Another one of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes with pets is aggressively scrubbing stains out of the carpet. When you see a stain, you may assume scrubbing is the best option. However, as mentioned above, pressing the stains deeper into the carpet is the last thing you want.

The best way to effectively remove stains is to be gentle. Spray the area with a pet-cleaning solution. Then, blot it with a clean towel. You may lightly rub it as needed, but limit the pressure you place on the stain. Take your time, and the mark will soon disappear from the surface.

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