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5 Perfect Pets for College Students

Pets are the most amazing thing to happen in life. They share everything with you including your emotions, they turn to be your strength when you're weak. Within few days they get extremely attached to you and tend to be a part you, they get connected to your emotions and feelings.

Are you feeling alone in college? Do you need a companion to share all your feelings and play with you when you’re in need of a support?  There are so many homeless pets who are in need of a home and also longing for a love, here are the list of few friendly pets that can be maintained by college students at a very minimal maintenance.



Turtle is the cutest pet that anyone could wish to have, they fit in so easily inside your jacket. As they are very small and occupy very small space when compared with other pets. It is also very easy to take care a turtle. You can set up a small aquarium in your room. You can carry them anywhere anytime along with you. They are also the best companion when it comes to travel. Travelling becomes easy with pets.


These naughty little ones do not need much of an attention from you, as they keep entertaining themselves with a wheel inside their cage. Through this way, you can concentrate more on your classes or studies for more extra hours. Hamsters are very fun-loving and they don’t consume much of your pocket money as well. Hamsters are furry little ones, so a constant cleanup up for them will make it better.
5 perfect pets for college students


Having a parrot as your pet makes you feel like a home away from home, as you know parrots can talk, they keep repeating whatever you talk. That makes you feel like there is always someone around you. Parrots are so cool; they carry a lot of colors on them. The moment you look at them it makes you feel so relaxed and peaceful. They also entertain your friends with their beautiful voice. But make sure that your roommate has no issues having a talkative pet.

Guinea pig

Be ready play with a furry ball, guinea pigs are furry and small just like a furry ball. They are the perfect pets. All you have to do to keep them happy is to set up a small running wheel for them to play and a good amount of vegetable will make them so happy and energetic.

They keep running all over your room and make you find them buy hiding in every corner of your room. Adding on to it, Guinea pigs make your room space as their individual bathroom. So you will have to keep a constant clean up session of your room.


Fishes are very obvious pet and are good to watch. They are tiny and cute, the best part in having fishes as a pet is to decorate their fish tank in a very creative way by placing some lights and plants inside there tank. Fishes are very relaxing to sit back and enjoy them playing. you can find the fish which goes with the décor of your room, as they are available in a variety of range. Fishes need very little maintenance as this could make your burden of cleaning to a great extent.

Dogs and cats are not the only options when it comes to pets, there are so many other cute little ones who are in need of you. Start your adoption at the right way. Moreover, dogs and cats might consume a more of your college funds. But the others tiny ones may not need more attention as well as your money.

Taking care of pets plays a vital role in culture and Individual attributes.

Having a pet does not just make you feel occupied, happy and responsible but they also play a very important role in your life by bringing out the cultural and individual attribute of you.

According to Herbert Mead, every individual will fully be aware of oneself and learn to be self-conscious. Only when he or she interacts with others. It might be a group of people or a community. So when you start interacting with pets it helps you to understand yourself in a better way and you start knowing your personality to the fullest. For a healthy pet, start a healthy relationship with your tiny little ones and don’t forget to be a responsible pet owner.

Talking about culture we get to see a lot of contrast views from each culture. Few people say pest is like the god as they can predict our future and indicate us our sorrows. But few culture treats pets as untouchable, and they always feel having a pet at home is a sin. However, different people carry different kinds of affections with pets.

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