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5 Pet Care Tips for the Busy Professional

Being a pet owner is a fulfilling role that many people strive for in adulthood. However, caring for an animal while working full-time can be challenging. Distributing time between your work, social, and personal life is tricky, and not everyone can find the right balance to care for their furry friends. Use these five pet care tips for busy professionals to ensure your pet gets everything they need.

Secure Your Environment

Before you leave for the day, make sure to secure your pet’s environment. You’ll need to decide whether to give your pet full reign of your home or restrict their access. If you choose to let your pet roam, pick up anything they could get into while alone to prevent damage. If they have a destructive streak, consider housing them in a large kennel or closed-off room to protect themselves and your space from harm.

Exercise Before Work

High-energy pets, especially dogs, need time to tire themselves out before leaving for a long day. Try fitting in some exercise to help them express some of that excitement. Working in a short run or some high-intensity playtime will help reduce any separation anxiety your furry friend might feel and make it easier for them to relax while you’re away.

Install an Automated Doggy Door

While you can potty train your pet to keep them from going in the house, expecting them to hold it for many hours is unrealistic. Consider installing an automated doggy door so your fur babies can relieve themselves in the yard while you’re stuck at the office. These devices usually operate with sensors, so you won’t need to worry about strange critters inviting themselves into your home.

Provide Plenty of Enrichment

Typically, pets become destructive out of boredom. Provide plenty of enrichment activities to entertain your animals while you’re working. Scratching posts for cats will help you pet-proof your furniture and keep them from tearing up your expensive pieces. Likewise, your dog’s dynamic toys and puzzles will limit their desire to chew up important home elements and leave everything looking brand new.

Hire Some Help

If you’ve tried many of these pet care tips for busy professionals and still can’t catch a break, consider hiring someone to help. Have someone come by to take your dog for a quick walk and ensure that your other pets have enough food and water. You can take this one step further by using a kennel service to provide round-the-clock care during your busy work week.

You shouldn’t have to choose between owning a pet and your dream job. By following these tips, you and your animals will be on their way to living a balanced and comfortable life together!

Emma Radebaugh

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