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Best Pets for Those Who Are Allergic to Fur

If you have a dog or cat allergy, you’re not alone! Many people around the world wish they could cuddle with a fluffy dog or cat and can’t due to their allergies. However, even if you have an allergy to fur, you can still be a pet parent. Instead of spending every morning and night going through your pet-allergy relief routine, you can cuddle with hypoallergenic animals! Here are some of the best pets for those who are allergic to fur.

Best Pets for Those Who Are Allergic to Fur

These cute little animals make the perfect house pet for those allergic to fur. While people think that pigs are messy and smelly animals, they’re kind, gentle, and smart. It’s important to note that pigs can become larger than most dog breeds, even if you get a teacup pig. If you’re thinking about having a pig as a pet, it’s important that you have a large indoor and outdoor space, leftover food, and plenty of playtime with the family.


Adding an aquarium to your home is beautiful for those who want a pet but can’t deal with the fur. Fish don’t produce allergens, and many fish species are low maintenance compared to other pets. However, when owning an aquarium, it’s important to pay attention to the humidity in your home to prevent rapid mold and mildew growth in and around the tank.

Guinea Pigs

Although guinea pigs aren’t hypoallergenic, they spend most of their time in a cage rather than running around your home and all over your bed. However, you should be careful when handling them or cleaning their cages. These pets require reasonable care, such as keeping their food and water bowls full, cleaning their space, and giving them activities and toys to play with to keep them occupied.

Turtles and Tortoises

If you’re looking for a pet that chills out and requires little maintenance, turtles and tortoises are the way to go. These noble creatures are easy to care for as long as they have room to roam freely and have the proper environment. A large green space and a tub where they can soak daily are ideal when caring for a turtle or tortoise.

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