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Does a dog walking business appeal to you?

If you are the sort of person who actively likes being with dogs, but are unhappy with the sort of line of work that you are in maybe it's time to combine an activity that you love with a way of earning money! One of the simplest ways of doing this is to start a dog walking business. If you are unsure of what all this would entail then as with any business, it requires research: fortunately there are plenty of pet trade magazines and website that can help with this side of things.

What is a Dog Walker?

It is also a good idea to define exactly what you business will do, and what exactly you will be offering your clients. For instance there is a good deal of difference between a dog walker and a pet sitter, but some activities might overlap. A dog walker takes dogs for walks, cleans up the poop when it happens during walks, and make sure that the dogs have enough to drink. Pet sitters on the other hand will not just have dogs as their charges, as they will be responsible for feeding and other domestic needs, which might also include taking a dog for a walk. Both could be required to administer meds if qualified to do so.

The Legal Side of Business

When setting up a business it best to understand the type of business that you will be running: as most dog walking business are solo affairs, then it would be wise to research being a sole proprietor. If you intending to involve anyone else then will they are a partner or an employee? What about protecting your personal assets in case of failure? In this case you might consider a Limited Liability Company. Other legal requirements might involve contacting your local authority as you may need a licence, or to register. Of course good insurance is a must.


Finally there will be all the paperwork. Your administration will need to be kept in order. Reports and records of client details are all necessary; as well as contract details, particularly in relation to the services that you offer and the rates that you will charge for those services. There may also be emergency details and pet-care information to be considered. It will also be wise to remember that all this will have to be taxed, and so your expenses will all have to be kept up-to-date! As long as you have done your homework you should have many years of gainful and hopefully fun employment!


If you want to run a business that is fun and healthy, then a dog walking business is a great idea for any active person. You will get paid for doing work that you like and for being out and about rather than for being behind a desk or stuck on the shop floor. You should always remember though, that it is a business, and you should treat it as such. You should always treat your enterprise with a professional approach, and be ready to fulfil all of your commitments, even if the weather is lousy, or if you just don't feel like it. If you are willing to do all this, then you could be starting a successful business.

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Friday, 02 June 2023

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