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How To Comfort a Friend Who Recently Lost a Pet

Comforting a friend who recently lost a pet is never easy and could take longer or shorter, depending on the individual. During this time of their life, they’ll need support from you to ease the pain and grief. Choosing to make yourself available to your friend when they need you is meaningful enough, but there are other ways you can be there for them during this transition.

How To Comfort a Friend Who Recently Lost a Pet
Listen More, Talk Less

Your friend most likely has a lot of things to get off their chest, and it may feel tempting to add your input into the conversation. But in the beginning stages of their grief, they may need a listening ear rather than a problem solver. Let them tell as many stories as they need to help with their pain, and respond to them when they ask you for something.

Ask Them What They Need

Everyone grieves loss differently. Therefore, not everyone will need or want the same type of comfort as the next individual. The best way around this is to ask your friend how you can support them and what they may need from you. Often, they won’t ask you for anything because they don’t want to be a burden. But you should still ask them this question so that you can start helping them as best you can.

Validate Their Thoughts and Feelings

No one is superhuman and can avoid all emotions. Ensure your friend feels comforted after losing a pet by helping them understand that their thoughts and feelings are valid and whichever way they choose to deal with the pain of losing a pet is not wrong. Assuring them that their feelings are normal is the first step to healthy grief.

Get a Gift for Them

Honor the dog or cat by curating a specific pet loss gift for your friend that will remind them of all the happy memories they made. This is also a great way to celebrate the furry companion’s life and gives your friend a forever keepsake.

Share Stories and Reminisce

The pet was probably a part of your life too. Share the stories you have about them with your friend to bring a smile to their face. Reminiscing can help heal some of the lingering pain they might have and provide an outlet to cherish the happy memories they shared.

Be patient throughout your friend’s healing process. Remember that everyone is different, and the best way to support a grieving friend is to ask them what will help the most during this time. How will you comfort your friend after losing a pet?

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