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10 tips for buying a parrot

Parrots are one of the most attractive and rewarding animals in the world. Though parrots are very intelligent their requirements and demands are quite different from other types of pets. They need the care and attention of their owners far more than other household animals. Most of the parrot breeds are both noisy and destructive; and the larger breeds live for a much longer time than the smaller ones. Therefore it is necessary for you to think carefully about the following issues before buying them.

  • The foremost thing to consider is whether you want to buy a single parrot for your entertainment and pleasure. If so you might want to purchase a small group of parrots for keeping in indoor cages. They will make a beautiful collection and can also breed.
  • The price of your parrot is another matter of concern that must be taken in to account. You must decide on roughly how much money you are willing to spend - not only on the bird but also on its food, housing, training, and care. These things can sometimes cost a great deal. Sometimes, people spend a significant amount on buying a parrot but then at a later stage, hesitate to spend money on its care. Parrots are not cheap pets, and in recent years, their prices have increased hugely.
  • The next thing to take into account before buying a parrot is the environment where you are planning to keep it. You must decide which type of parrot you want to keep and whether it can survive and adapt to your environment and lifestyle. Whether big or small, all types of parrots require sufficient space for exercise and play. Therefore, you will need to keep them in a cage that is big enough for them to spread their wings and move a little bit.
  • You also need to think about your neighbors - because some of the big parrots like cockatoos and Amazons make a lot of noise that can cause significant disturbance. Their twice-daily periods of vocalization at sunrise and sunset are appreciated by those who love birds but can be quite disturbing for those who do not like birds or loud noises.
  • Since parrots require a lot of both mental and physical stimulation you will have to make sure that can you have enough time for taking good care of your parrot. If you are planning to keep more than one parrot then you will have to allot sufficient time to take care of each member of the group. Also, you will need to find a reliable person who can take good care of your pets when you are not in town or you want to go on a vacation.
  • When you select a breeder from which you want to buy a parrot make sure that the supplier offers a money back or exchange facility on your bird for a reasonable period after purchase. This is because if the birds you choose do not turn out to be suitable for your requirements or they develop any signs of disease, just after short period of your purchase, then you will be able to exchange them.

If you are buying an adult parrot then check carefully that the bird looks healthy and appears to be bright and alert. If you want to buy a baby then before buying check that the baby you have selected has bright eyes and healthy skin which should be free from clinging hand feeding formulae. Check that the birds have been kept in a clean place.

After you have completed your research and decided which parrot you want to purchase, the next thing you must decide is where to buy your bird. Here are some of the options at your disposal:

  • Breeders: Many of the breeders are bird-loving, caring persons who breed parrots out of love. However, some breeders just breed birds for the sake of earning money. They do not have complete knowledge of breeding and rearing young parrots. So before buying a parrot from a breeder you should talk to different breeders; look at the cage, living area, and other facilities they are providing for their birds.
  • Pet Stores: Most of the pet stores are generally not a good place for buying a bird. Usually the staff members and storeowner of a pet store are not breeders and they do not have up to date information about all their birds. The information provided by them for the customers is usually not accurate. They only know one thing well - and that is how to sell their animals.
  • Bird Specialty Stores;- These can be a good option to buy a bird. They are generally pet stores that deal particularly in birds only and have good a knowledge of them. Since their livelihood depends upon their bird quality they usually sell good birds. Often the birds available here are bred on site, as most of the owners of the pet sores are themselves good breeders.
  • Rescue Groups: Rescue groups adopt the birds, which have often been discarded or left by their owners. These groups take good care of the birds and adopt them out to people after making sure that bird is healthy and ready to adopt the new environment. While adopting a bird for a rescue group don't think that you are buying a scratch but think of it as the reward of offering a home to someone who needs your help.

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