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Basic tips on how to train your Parrot

Parrots are wild animal. It takes a lot of time and patience to make the bird feel like you are their friend, but once you do it will be much easier to tame. Once you bring the parrot home, make sure that it stays inside the cage for at least 24 hours and kept around people who love birds. If you see that the bird is skittish, give it some more time.

If you cover all the windows and mirrors and leave the cage door open, the parrot will emerge from the cage when it is ready to. If the bird does not emerge soon, you may be able to lure it out using some food or a branch. In order to protect yourself from snags, take precautions to ensure your hair is out of the way and wear clothing that will not snag easily.

Don't ever speak in a loud voice to your parrots. Do not look straight into his eyes or he will think you are a predator.

If your parrot does not want to take food from your hands, then use clippings and put them in the cage. You should praise them whenever they eat so eventually, you can feed them using your own hand.

Parrots need to fly from time to time to exercise their wings. To keep the bird calm and ensure he is not frightened, try carrying the bird around on a stand that is low utilizing two different size sticks. Two sticks are required for the parrot to go from one to the other. The parrot will be frightened by sudden movements, so when you do this make sure to move slowly and deliberately.

Domesticating a parrot can be quite trying during the first weeks. As soon as you have seen some better behavior, basic commands can now be taught. By instructing your bird in this manner, it will begin to understand that you are the boss and he will then come to you at all times in good situations and in dangerous ones so that both of you can be safe.

It is also important that they learn the command "no". If, at times, the parrot does something that you really don't like, then you must let it know so that it will not behave in that way again.

Taming the bird will take time. Once you have surpassed that, you can teach it certain words or maybe even to sing and this can only happen once you have established trust with your feathered friend.


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