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Feed birds stale cat food

Feed birds stale cat food instead of throwing the stealth cat food away. Stale cat food can be placed outside on a flat surface or in a bowl.

It has become a common practice to put stale cat food and other food scraps into the mesh bags that onions are sold in and tying the bags outside for birds. This can be dangerous for birds, because their feet or legs can become trapped in the mesh.

Birdseed can be mixed with the stale cat food for the birds. People should be careful about leaving cat food outside for birds since cat food can attract raccoons. A property near a population of raccoons with cat food outside for stray cats or for birds can quickly be overrun with raccoons which can carry rabies and their notorious for making messes by overturning trash cans.

Ants are also attracted to cat food. Whether there is a source of cat food outside or in open bag of cat food inside near a door, ants can become a problem for the cat owner.

Since some cats will not eat stale cat food, is important for cat owners to try to keep the cat food fresh. This can be especially difficult if the cat owner is buying large bags of cat food in order to save money.

Plastic storage containers are ideal for storing cat food and keeping it fresh. Using plastic storage containers will also keep away unwanted pests such as ants.

Periodically, this container should be washed with soap and water to prevent the buildup of fat residue from the cat food. This residue can go rancid and contaminate new cat food that is placed in the container.

Clips that are used to close potato chip bags can also be used on bags of cat food. The clips are most effective of the open end of the bag is folded a few times before the clip is applied.

Cat owners may want to consider switching to canned cat food if a finicky cat is refusing to eat dry cat food that has become the least bit stale. If the cat owner decides to switch to canned cat food, the change should be done gradually to avoid making it cat ill.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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