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Tips and Tricks for Cat-Proofing Your Aquarium

If you own a cat and an aquarium, you probably already know the struggles of having to keep your furry friend from trying to catch itself a snack. For those unaware, cats love getting into things they’re not supposed to, and they can see aquariums as a live dinner and a show. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to cat-proof your aquarium so that you never have to choose one pet over the other.


Choose the Right Tank

Sometimes, cat-proofing your fish tank starts long before you have fish in your aquarium. Choosing a tank with a lid will prevent your cat from trying to catch dinner and disturbing your fish. Even if your cat isn’t interested in eating the fish, letting your cat dip its paws in or bat at the water can seriously stress out your fish. However, if your cat is still batting at the front of the tank, you may want to consider other cat-proofing options.

Put Your Tank in the Right Place

While choosing the best place to put your aquarium is already a tricky process, cat owners have a little more to consider. You want to ensure that your tank is in a place your cat can’t reach. For agile cats, that means removing launching pads that your cat will use to get to places it’s not supposed to be. If that isn’t an option, you may need to put your tank in a separate room that you don’t allow your cat in.

Give Your Cat Other Enrichment Choices

Often, the best way to stop your cat from annoying your fish is to distract it. Making sure your cat has plenty of toys, a proper scratching post, and plenty of playtime will lessen how much they want to interact with the tank. If your cat is an avid fish lover, there are apps for iPads and smartphones to make it look like fish are gliding across the screen. Many cats love these apps and videos and will be distracted for a while. Just be sure to give your cat treats as a reward, as not being able to catch its prey can lead to frustration and, in extreme cases, OCD.

Make the Tank an Undesirable Place To Be

Cats hate sitting on sticky and undesirably textured surfaces. Plastic wrap sticks to their paws easily. Putting plastic wrap on top of the tank and around it will prevent your cat from wanting to sit there. The same applies to tinfoil. It’s loud and uncomfortable to sit on, and many cat owners use it to keep their cats off of counters. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re keeping fish food away from the tank to lessen your cat’s temptation.

With these tips and tricks for cat-proofing your aquarium, you and your animals can live together in harmony without the fear of your cat falling in or having a missing fish.

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