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Discovering a new ear mite treatment for pets

Anyone with a pet notices when something is obviously wrong. Scratching of the ear can mean anything such as an infection, a growth or mites. First impulse is to make a quick trip to a veterinarian. However when examination determines that ear mites are the problem then one can to try to find an ear mite treatment for pets.

These mites spread very easily from one animal to another and, if there are more than one animal in a house, they should also be examined to see if they have this same problem. Living in the ear canal, they live on ear wax and sometimes blood in that area. When chewing up this material they produce a brown, crumbly, coffee-like material. After removing this from the ear, careful examination will show small, white mites. They are as small as a typed period.

As with many parasites of this type, mites can multiply very rapidly. When eggs are laid it only takes four days for the mites to emerge. They, in turn, rapidly develop into adults, mate and produce more eggs. Unfortunately, if not properly destroyed they can go outside of the ear to the head and eyes.

Cats are the most common sufferer from ear mites. Dogs can, but rarely, have this problem. Yeast or bacterial infection is a common comparison of this disease. Finding proper medication and treating immediately will avoid further complications such as spreading to the head or eyes and causing more problems.

All medication for ear mites requires removing as much of the ear debris as possible. Medication on the market consists of veterinarian prescriptions or injection and over-the-counter brands. Some applications are one time, take 10 days or 30 days depending on which type used. Whichever is used completing the length of treatment, even if the symptoms seem to be gone, is essential if the problem is to be completely eradicated.

Ingredients such as Acarexx, Melbnite, Tresaderm and others are often used in mite treatment medicines. Medication injected usually contains Ivermectin. Insecticides usually are the main ingredients for over-the-counter medication. Before using any treatment it should be determined if the pet might have adverse reactions to the treatment.

Placing a few drops of warm oil in the pet's ear has been suggested. This will soften the debris and make it easier to remove. It will also immobilize the mites for a brief period and make them more removable with the other material. When the substance is removed, it is suggested that it be burned or destroyed in a permanent manner to avoid the mites transferring to another location.

Pets often become very dear to their owners and their comfort and good health is a number one issue. Ear mites are not only uncomfortable but are health threatening. An ear mite treatment for pets should be carefully research to make sure it will bring relief and clear up the problem as soon as possible.

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