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Does commercial pet food provide sufficient nutrition?

We would all like to believe that pet food industry, or some government agency, is making sure the food we feed our pets (and ourselves) is high quality, optimum nutrition. If you believe this, I have bridge I would like to sell you. The fact is Pet Foods are made to the lowest possible standard that will pass inspection.  Obviously, the pet food industry and its’ support group, the AMVA/Big Pharma, has a vested interest in maintaining the illusion of healthy happy animals thriving on their low quality meat by-products, cheap fillers, and chemicals. And with billions of dollars at stake annually, they are not going to rock the boat.

Worse, the medical complex seems to have bought into the concept that poor health is inevitable. I suppose it is if you drink and cook with municipal water, eat commercially grown foods and breathe polluted city air 24/7, but change those 3 and watch what happens to your health and that of your pets.

Several decades ago the commercial pet food industry launched an advertising campaign directed to make the consumer believe that commercial pet food was better for your pet than table scraps, or leftovers. Moreover, you were led to believe that commercial pet foods (wet or dry) provided the balanced nutrition your pet needs to be healthy.

Well, if that is so, then something is radically wrong with decades of pet health statistics. Pet disease and genetic breakdown is not just on the rise, in many cases it is epidemic. What is the primary common denominator? Commercial Pet Food!

Think about it, the price of a pound of quality meat or fish is close to $20 a pound. If this quality was in your pet’s food, do you really think a bag of pet food would cost as little as it does?

Adding to the Ruse

Many commercial pet food labels have impressive lists of nutritional supplements but as with the quality of meats and fish they use, the quality and quantity of the supplements are, at the very least, suspect! Buyer beware!

Here’s but one example on how people are misled; In the article “Changing Away from Commercial Dog Food” by Moses Wright he says “Expensive food does not always equate to better or healthier food. Take for example, exotic ingredients, such as buffalo, might reduce the possibility of food allergy reactions, but they are also potentially less subject to the inspection regulations that go with more ordinary ingredients such as beef, lamb, or even salmon”.

Allergies are primarily caused from grains, which make up the bulk of dry pet food. Either the author is woefully misinformed or he is intentionally misdirecting the reader. I wonder who employs him.

Can You Handle The Truth?

The pet food industry is making a fortune selling you convenience, but your pets are sicker than ever. Clearly, something is amiss. Isn’t it about time you educated yourself? Especially when doing so will increase the life expectancy of your pets, save them from unnecessary illness, and thereby save you a ton of money.

The fact is, no matter how fancy the package or how expensive the bag of food, all meat used in commercial pet food is unfit for human consumption- and if you’ve seen, or read, any of the exposes, much of it is not fit for humans either!

The bottom line is “convenience” is very costly to your pet’s health. Due to generations of pets fed commercial pet foods, their GI and Immune systems are highly compromised; their life expectancy is diminished by an average of 5-7 years. Long-term health care is not just commonplace; it begins at ever-earlier ages.

Good News

The cost of long-term care, surgeries, and a lifetime of medication can be completely avoided. How? Proper diet and proper supplementation. The GI tract is the gatekeeper to your pet’s health. Fortify it with routine administration of soil-based probiotics (SBOs), and you will prevent 90% of all chronic disease from developing.

The ideal food for pets is organic raw meats or wild raw fish, but even they need supplementation! Meats alone do not provide the amount of Omega 3 and other essential oils needed to lubricate the body, provide elasticity for all internal organs, not just the joints, as well as to nourish the immune systems.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of pets are fed commercial pet foods, and ALL commercial pet foods (wet or dry) are sorely lacking in nutritional value and bioavailability, it’s no wonder pet illness and disease is rising dramatically.

Poor Health Is Reversible

If your pet is already suffering from disease, or is on long-term medication, do not despair! With very few exceptions, cats and dogs will respond to proper nourishment. As a scientific producer of all-natural remedies, we often receive testimonials claiming “miracles”. How quickly pets turn around depends on how weakened they are from extensive use of medications, as well as how severe their genetic predisposition. We recommend that you work with a holistic vet to wean them off medication.

At the very least, giving sick pets a proper diet and supplements will ease the pain and side effects and help them better deal with the ravages of long term medication.

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