Going "green" with your dog!

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Going "green" with your dog!

If you're anything of an eco-friendly individual like I am, you go out of your way each and every single day to ensure that everything you take part in has been confirmed as a "green" way of living.

From the moment we wake up and take a shower in the morning time, to the clothes we choose to wear to go to work, the food we choose to eat after having researched the manufacturing brands, the transportation method we choose to commute by, and many more options we have to constantly think about - just because we choose to be environmentally responsible individuals.

So, if you're anything like I am and go through any or all of the above, kudos to you, we're all in this together!

But, since we're here to talk about dogs, have you ever thought about the concept of having your dog lead an eco-friendly life as well? Has the thought that your dog could possibly be causing a ton of harm to the environment ever crossed your mind?

If you've answered no to that question, then don't be ashamed at all, as I don't blame you one bit!

This is a topic that only a few dog owners around the world ever take the time to think about, as there's very little information out there about this.

As you're going to be seeing in an infographic in just a bit, going green with your dog is actually much easier than you would imagine, and is going to ensure that your dog is doing its part in taking care of the environment and preserving it for the future generations to come, just the same way you are.

This is easy peasy stuff, everybody - for example, you can start off your "going green with your dog" journey in a very easy step where you buy your dog's products in bulk, instead of going frequent trips to the grocery store (look at tip #5 in the infographic to learn more about that).

Or, when being a responsible dog owner that picks up after their dog's poop when walking them around the neighborhood or in the dog park, why not use a biodegradable bag instead of a usual plastic bag that will (in the long run) lead to the death of many other humans and animals alike?

If that seems like too much work to be done on a frequent basis with your dog, how does a one-off task such as spaying/neutering your dog sound? You'll be helping shelters save tons of resources instead of using them to take care of dogs that were taken off the street because of an unplanned birth, not to mention the fact that†many of these dogs remain un-rescued†and leave tremendous amounts of waste out there, all of which comes back to bite us later.

It's small changes like this that only take a minute for us to implement, that result in the greatest of change humanity has ever witnessed - if we all do it together. And what's there to stop us?

This graphical illustration will explain everything you need to know about becoming an eco-friendly dog owner.

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