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Hidden Pet Dangers All Owners Should Know

Parents baby-proof their homes to avoid accidents and mishaps with their kids. Pet owners also need to take preventive measures to ensure their pets aren’t getting into dangerous items around the home.

Most people know to keep pets away from chocolate and toxic chemicals, but what about the lesser-known items? These are the hidden pet dangers all owners should know.

Compost Bins and Garbage Cans

Many garbage cans and compost bins have lids, but that doesn’t stop a curious dog or other pet from opening it and rummaging around. Homeowners place toxic foods or products into the garbage or compost; if your pet gets into them, it could be bad news.

Ensure you purchase bins with secure lids, or place them in an area where your pets can’t get to them. A closet, under the kitchen sink, or in a cabinet are all excellent ideas. You could also try pet-proofing the lid with a baby-proofing device.

Small Toys or Items

Many pets love to chew, especially dogs and rodents. Leaving small, brightly colored toys around could entice your pets to chew them up. The tiny parts on these toys are potential choking hazards. Ensure kids clean up any toys after playtime, and keep the items in closed bins that make it challenging for pets to get into.

Health Supplements and Medications

Avoid leaving containers of vitamins, medications, and other health supplements around. Even if they aren’t open, your dog could still chew off the lid and consume the pills. If you drop one on the floor, pick it up. Your pet could find the missing pill without you knowing. Call your vet immediately if you’re afraid your pet ate a pill they shouldn’t have.

Home Insulation

Insulation can be incredibly harmful to your pet, even deadly. Some older insulation contains asbestos, which is extremely toxic. If you’re installing new insulation, place your pets in an area where they won’t interact with the installation process. If areas have exposed insulation, patch up the holes to ensure your pets don’t have a clear path to the fluffy stuff.

Caring for pets is a big responsibility and something you shouldn’t take lightly. Understanding hidden pet dangers will help you keep your pets safe. You may not have considered some of them, and taking preventive measures will ensure their safety.

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