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6 Pets your kids will love

Introducing a pet into the family home can have a number of fantastic benefits for children. Not only will it help teach them about responsibilities, compassion and loyalty but they’ll also be given something that no kind of toy can provide – a living, breathing companion. These are just some pets a kid will love (with a little help caring for them from mum or dad!).


A goldfish might not be the most exciting pet – and if your child was expecting something with a few more legs they could be disappointed – but they’re easy to look after, inexpensive, and they won’t set off any allergies. Ideal for younger children that can’t cope with much more than sprinkling a few fish-food flakes into a fishbowl every day, the goldfish can make an ideal first pet and comes in more colours than just gold.  


If you think your children are too young to have dogs running around the house you’ll be pleased to know that rabbits can make surprisingly close companions. Rex Rabbits in particular are a great breed for children as they have calm temperaments and are intelligent enough to learn simple tricks – kids will love teaching these rabbits to jumping over obstacles of over three feet. Rex Rabbits can even be litter trained, so if you bunny-proof your home you can keep them indoors as a house rabbit.

Guinea Pigs

Regarded by many as great first pets for kids, guinea pigs are high active animals so a large cage with plenty of tunnels and toys to keep them active is a must. They’re also incredibly social creatures so you should have at least two guinea pigs together. Make sure they’re either both female or have been neutered, otherwise you may end up with far more than you bargained for!


Birds require a lot of care and attention, and as the adult you’ll have to provide most of this, but they make a fascinating pet and can be remarkably sociable. If your kid likes to stand out from the crowd and would rather something a little different to the usual guinea pig or kitten a parakeet could be ideal.


Cat can make ideal pets for families with children as you don’t have to worry about taking them for daily walks or constantly entertaining them, yet they are great fun to play with, have the cute factpr and are full of personality, allowing children to create strong emotional bonds with them.

While your kids will no doubt fall in love with kittens, older cats can make better pets as they have fixed temperaments so you can know what to expect.

When choosing a cat make sure your child is able to have a brief play session with it beforehand. Cats that don’t try to scratch when being handled and aren’t too put off by sudden noises will suit a family house better than one always nipping with its claws or recoiling from your loud children.

Whether you choose a cat or kitten it’s a good idea to make sure it’s neutered. This will make them much friendlier and calmer – after all, nobody wants a territorial tom cat roaming the hallway!


For many people, some of their most vivid childhood memories will involve the dog they grew up with.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that however much love your child can give to a dog it won’t be able to take it out for all those works – so you should make sure you have the time, commitment and energy that a dog demands. 

If choosing a dog from a shelter you’ll want one with a stable history and no behavioural problems. Bring your child along to make sure he or she gets on well with the dog and talk to the staff to see if they can recommend any dogs under their care– it’s their job to try and re-home dogs, so they’ll be best placed to help you find your perfect match.

If you’d rather a pedigree dog then golden retrievers and Labradors are two prime candidates for the most child-friendly breeds. As well as being loyal and compassionate they’re intelligent, making them relatively easy to train (you might even find they’re easier to train than your children!).

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