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Tips for Dealing With Pets That Shed a Lot

Whether you are a cat lover or a dog whisperer, having a furry friend in your home has its benefits. However, one thing that many pet owners dread is having to deal with all the fur and dander that occupies their living space.

If your pet sheds a great deal, you should know that there are a few ways you can tackle this issue. With this in mind, here are some tips for dealing with pets that shed a lot.

Brush Your Pet Regularly

If your pet is shedding more than usual lately, you should take them to the vet to make sure that it isn’t something serious. Nonetheless, once you determine that your pet is safe, regularly brushing them will help you keep excess fur down to a minimum.

Brushing your dog or cat once a week can work wonders in keeping their fur out of places it shouldn’t be. Also, your pet will thank you because it helps make them feel more comfortable.

Vacuum Your Home

Unless you want your home to be coated with fur, you will have to dispose of it regularly to keep up with your pet’s shedding. Therefore, you need to vacuum your home as much as possible to ensure that fur and pet dander don’t run rampant.

Invest in a HEPA Filter

Vacuuming your home will help you eliminate fur and dander in your living areas, but in your vents, you will need a HEPA filter. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is an air filter that you install in your home’s HVAC system that collects tiny airborne particles such as pet dander. Learning how pet dander can affect indoor air quality will definitely make you consider purchasing a HEPA filter if you don’t own one already.

Cover Your Furniture

Any form of upholstery will collect tons of fur if your pet sheds a lot. Luckily, you can reduce the amount of dander and fur in your home by using furniture covers and washing them occasionally.

Overall, you can still love your pet while getting rid of their pesky fur. Now that you know a few tips for dealing with pets that shed a lot, you can avoid getting sick and instead enjoy more time with your beloved companion.

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