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Good news for cat owners! Flush the litter!

If you're fed up of picking up the cat's litter and marching down the hall to the waste disposal then help is at hand! If the odor is making you sick, then help is at hand! Flushable cat litter provides the answer to these problems. Flushable cat litter is…

Hyperthyroidism in cats

Veterinarians tell us that hyperthyroidism is very common type of hormonal disorder seen in older cats, and even some middle aged cats. This occurs when the thyroid glands began producing large amounts of thyroid hormones. Often this happens as a result of a…


German Shepherd: A combination of action and elegance

It was Max von Stephanitz who gripped all the essential credits for the development of the highly talented, faithful and obedient German Shepherd. He solely conceptualized a great variety of sheep herding dogs into one single variety. He visualized a dog of…

Choosing the best dog bed styles

Some people pamper their pets, whereas others wouldn't consider that their dog would have any use for a bed. However, even if you are not inclined to pamper your dog, dog beds can improve your dog's quality of life in many ways.