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Finicky cat eaters

So, we have all heard of a “finicky” eater, right? In most cases it applies to kids. But, what do you do if you have a finicky cat on your hands?

Do Persian cats need a special diet?

Ah the beloved Persian cat! Why do people love them so? It's easy – the are gorgeous cats that come in a wide range of lovely colors and have gentle and sweet personalities to match. They are a good choice for most families although along with all this…


How to Prevent and Treat Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick preventative for animals is an important part of being a diligent pet owner. As a carrier and victim of these parasites, dogs and cats can easily face multiple problems, whether infested or simply bitten by one. Fortunately, quality flea and…

Advanced Dog Training - Guide of Useful Tips and Techniques

There are many good reasons to embark on the journey of dog training with your pet. Many owners choose this as an option to connect with their four-legged friends. Training involves time for learning tricks and techniques. Practice also plays a role in this…