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The sky is the limit when it comes to finding creative names for your pet bird. The name you choose to give your pet bird could range from something silly to something serious and everything you could imagine. Some bird owners opt for sticking with traditional bird names, while others choose names that are off the wall. If you are unsure what to name your pet bird, there are some ideas that might help you decide.

Some birds’ names are derivative of the kind or type of bird they are. Other ideas for pet bird names are descriptive of their feathers or colors. Whatever scheme you want to go with for choosing a name for your pet bird, there are plenty of good ideas for names available. Here is a list of some of the most common bird names for all types of pet birds:

A-B Pet Bird Names: Abercrombie, Acadia, Achilles, Adonis, Adriel, Amadeus, Ami, Ari, Aria, Ares, Arcadia, Amber, Adonis, Banana, Bam Bam, Bilbo, Berrie, Bernie, Brahms, Baby Beak, Barnabas, Bailey, Billabong, Binky, Brady, Boyd.

C-D Pet Bird Names: Chico, Chaso, Clyde, Cole, Conga, Conrad, Sparrow, Candy, Canoli, Caper, Captain Jack, ChiChi, Chelsie, Cherrio, Coco, Callie, Conrad, Dafney, Daisy, Dakota, Dali, Dania, Dinah, Dinky, Destiny, Dora, Doohicky, Dudley, Demeter, Dude, Darcy, Diego, Doozer.

E-F Pet Bird Names: Echo, Elan, Elgar, Emily, Emerald, Eve, Ernie, Elmo, Eggbert, Elsu, Euterpe, Feathers, Folly, Frank, Fern, Fanfan, Fallow, Faith, Falco, Fred, Frank, Fletch, Finesse, Frazier.

G-H Pet Bird Names: Gandolf, Gar, Gill, Giligan, Georgia, Grady, Grace, Goldie, Ginger, Gimli, Gallant, Goliath, Geebers, Hamham, Happy, Harry, Hailey, Hillary, Hermes, Hera, Hombre, Honey, Horatio, Homer.

I-J Pet Bird Names: Ian, Icebreaker, Ichabod, Illy, Inca, Indi, India, Indigo, Iris, Isaac, Isabeau, Isabelle, Isis, Ivy, Jake, Jay, Jo, Jewel, Jerry, Jude, Julia, Jumbo, Java, Jamie, Julius, Josetta, Jose.

K-L Pet Bird Names: Kade, Kya, Keeter, Kiara, Kamie, Kalypso, Kally, Kirby, Kip, Kira, Kiwi, Koko, Kako, Karma, Katie, Lacey, Lily, Lime, Lizzie, Lulu, Luke, Luca, Louis, Leah, Lanie, Larka, Leelu.

M-N Pet Bird Names: Maggie, Maddy, Melody, Max, Mo, Molly, Monet, Misha, Maya, Monroe, Melody, Maya, Maude, Nate, Neva, Nibbles, Nissa, Niko, Nero, Neptune, Norton, Nanny, Nessie, Newton, Nimbus.

O-P Pet Bird Names: Ocean, Odin, Olive, Ollie, Onyx, Opal, Oscar, Ortega, Olivia, Oedipus, Odilon, Pandora, Paco, Pepe, Percy, Polly, Pippin, Plato, Pip, Pluto, Poochie, Pascal, Pappy, Paloma, Petry, Priudence, Pickles, Pika, Pearly, Peedie.

Q-R Pet Bird Names: Queen, Qunicy, Quentin, Quennell, Querida, Radley, Rhett, Rocky, Rodin, Raven, Robin, Rosy, Ricky, Ruffian, Rowan, Rockey, Remus, Reed, Raphael, Rhianna, Rhona.

S-T Pet Bird Names: Sandy, Sierra, Sidi, Spud, Squek, Sparrow, Sparky, Shonna, Shylee, Sangria, Samson, Salterella, Sam, Sammy, Sahale, Sidian, Spike, Tiki, Tuck, Tweeky, Tweeter, Tao, Tico, Tia, Thor, Tequila, Taco, Teila, Tarma, Tansy, Tango.

U-V Pet Bird Names: Uh-oh, Ulani, Unity, Uriah, Uranus, Ulysses, Urania, Val, Virgil, Violet, Verdi, Vixen, Venus, Vesta, Voltaire, Verdis, Vaughan, Vanilla, Verne.

W-X Pet Bird Names: Wanda, Willow, Willy, Winter, Wriggley, Winnie, Winslow, Worple, Wanda, Xaviera, Xenos, Xerxes, Xylia.

Y-Z Pet Bird Names: Yale, Yancy, Yannis, Yasmin, Yetta, Yoda, Yvette, Yves, Yoshi, Yates, Yodel, Xena, Ziggy, Zoe, Zola, Zippy, Zorro, Zazu, Zen, Zeus, Zelda.

As you can see from this list of common bird names there is no shortage of creative and fun names, and names that have special meaning. Pet bird names are varied and you be as imaginative as you like. One thing to keep in mind when naming your parrot is to keep it something shorter and that is easy to mimic to help your parrot pick up on it faster and be able to repeat it.

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