House breaking your dog

You bring home a new bundle of joy. He is got beautiful brown eyes, a cute little button nose and a tail? That is right. You have just brought home a puppy. He is loving, loyal and playful. But what is that? Oops, you did not think about house breaking him. So, now what do you do?
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Cat biting behavior

Let me give you some advice that can potentially stop your cat from ever biting you again.  Picture this:  You're relaxing on the couch, deeply involved in your favorite book or TV show, when your cat strolls across the top of the couch and rubs against you, wanting attention. You give in (like always), let your cat get comfy in your warm lap and proceed to pet, massage and otherwise shower your spoiled cat with affection.

Soon, your cat's tail begins to wag. Slowly at first, and then faster and more enthusiastically. You think "This is great! My cat must be really happy!"

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Can cats and dogs peacefully co-exist?

Can cats and dogs coexist peacefully? This may be one of man's biggest conundrums. Dogs, according to most all cartoons, are supposed to chase cats and cats are, in return, expected to spit, hiss, and claw them. Well, if you get a new dog or cat and introduce them to the older, established one without taking the time to make slow, peaceful introductions you may see some bad results. Here are some tips to make smooth transitions into each other's lives.
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