How to Prevent and Treat Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick preventative for animals is an important part of being a diligent pet owner. As a carrier and victim of these parasites, dogs and cats can easily face multiple problems, whether infested or simply bitten by one. Fortunately, quality flea and tick preventative for animals is readily available to protect pets from a wide range of health issues.

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Taking Home a Tramp – Why a Mutt is the Dog for You!

Over the years, quite a few dogs have passed through my life. Lady, my cocker-spaniel/retriever mix, was with me for eighteen years. I found her – or more accurately – she found me while I was working at a small animal shelter just outside town. One look into those big, brown eyes and I was hooked. Other dogs, like Missy, a wire-haired beagle and daschund mix, were mine to keep for only a few months before they found their permanent homes.

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Finicky cat eaters

So, we have all heard of a “finicky” eater, right? In most cases it applies to kids. But, what do you do if you have a finicky cat on your hands?

Before you run out and start spending hundreds of dollars on specialty cat food, it’s best to take a look at some in-home remedies first. The problem may be as simple as your feeding bowl. Some cat’s actually have trouble eating from a bowl that is too small or too light. If the bowl moves too much while a cat is feeding, they may not find it worth the effort to try. Another thing is to change the location of the feeding bowl. We all know how stubborn cats can be. Sometimes they don’t like where their food bowl is placed and the only way to tell you is by simply not using it.

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Advanced Dog Training - Guide of Useful Tips and Techniques

There are many good reasons to embark on the journey of dog training with your pet. Many owners choose this as an option to connect with their four-legged friends. Training involves time for learning tricks and techniques. Practice also plays a role in this process. This can be a way to spend daily time with your dog doing something that you both love to do. Advanced training can also result in competition level learning experiences.

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The joys of kittenhood

Tig sits staring up, her gray and white face tilted quizzically. It could be a moth or even a spider on the ceiling. But it isn't. It's the kitten. The kitten is on top of the curtain rod. How the kitten got to the top of the curtains is a mystery, but she seems very proud of herself. She fluffs her tail to full pipe-cleaner capacity and hops in sideways fashion along the top of the decorative curtain balustrade. The kitten is amused. Tig is not.

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Top Tips for Preventing Diseases in Your Pet Dog

Old English Sheep DogHaving a pet is an expensive affair. A visit to the vet can cost you a bomb and that coupled with hefty medical bills may just burn a large hole in your pocket. Of course, your pooch deserves nothing but the best treatment, so you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to caring for him. 

Prevention is better than cure’ is an old adage which still holds true. Prevention of diseases in your pet not only spares him the physical and mental torment, but also saves you a lot of unnecessary expenditure. 

If only it were that easy though. You can help your lovable pooch through preventative healthcare, which is more than feeding him healthy food, and keeping him away from germs and injuries. It is a multi-faceted approach that includes analysis by a qualified vet, with respect to your doggie’s well-being. 

Based on the findings from the tests conducted, the vet will provide you with recommendations for your pet’s health. These recommendations will encompass information related to your mutt’s nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, and that related to the risk factors that may affect him. 

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