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Distinguish Red Persian cat breed from other Persian cats

In the present time the different combinations of colors that the Persian cats coats have evolved into are categorized in order to be recognized with a little more ease.

Hence to achieve this eases these families that the Persian cat has been assigned to, are basically governed by the color of their coats. For instance the Golden Shadowed, Silver Shadowed, Cameo Shaded, and then there are the Red Persian cats.

Chinchilla cat white

The majority of the Persian cats are white with generally layers of different colors on just the tips of the coat which is technically known as ticking. But since there is a lot of mixed breeding the coats of the cats can develop into totally different colors like blue-cream.

Again unlike the albino white cats which are difficult to find you will see a color that has evolved in Persian cats is red which is quite similar to that of ordinary red cats. The red color has various shades to it and it is not at all pure red that you may visualize, rather it is orange or ginger which also may vary. As a result the cats can have a ticking of white or brown or could be totally red. Most Persian cats of red variety are red all over.

The coat, lips and chin of the red Persians are red. You will find that the nose leather and the paw pads are brick red while eyes have brilliant copper shade which is totally unlike the Silver Shaded or Chinchillas which have green or blue green eyes. The gorgeous black rims around the eyes will give an impression that they are wearing eye makeup which is common in all Persian be it Silver Shaded, Chinchillas or Red cats.

The red color can also occur in patches along with other colors and usually these colors are cream, white and cameo. For instance the Smokesmoke_persian Tortoiseshell Persian cat possesses an undercoat that is of a white color and is deeply tipped with black and rather prominently defined, and rampant patches of red and cream ticking that form on its coat, similar to the pattern of a tortoiseshell.

The degree of color patterns that you can find in this breed of Persian cat is amazing and there are cats of this variety with blazing red or cream tips on the face which many people find attractive.

You will see that most of the breeds of Persian cats like Shaded, Golden Shaded or Chinchilla have eyes shaded green or blue green. Only the Tortoiseshell Persian cat and the Red colored cat families have eyes that are of brilliant copper colored.

The only difference that you will find in Red Persian cats is that they have fluffier and longer mane but as far as other physical characteristics are concerned like punched face, short and bulky legs, solid body, dark rimmed eyes are similar to the other Persian breeds. The chin and lips have similar shade as its coat.

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