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Preventing Feline irritable bowel syndrome

Even if we don't own a cat, their sickness can effect us. Actually, when we examine the problem from a new point of view we can learn many things. Cats can have regular and more simple diets than we have, which can make it easier to determine which habits and foods cause the most problems.

I'm not saying we know what causes the disease but after close examination we can lessen the effects on the individual or feline. Especially in cats we can limit the amount and type of food until the combination is most effective for daily life.

One combination to be avoided is proteins, fats, and proteins combined for our cats as well as ourselves. This combination is very difficult for the digestive system to process. Canned cat foods seem to help with digestion for most cats.

A close examination of the ingredients in cat food can reduce the problems that we face as cat owners. Such as, excessive odor and not being able to make it to the litter box due to abnormal contractions in the intestines. Abnormal contractions in the intestines is a continuous problem because they produce mucus and toxins that create more irritation.

Most cats have difficulty digesting dairy products. Some cat foods may contain some dairy so be aware that your cat may be receiving these ingredients in much greater quantities than you originally thought.

Another problem created by well meaning pet owners is using a variety of cat food flavors. Also changing brands and consistency or providing a treat occasionally will cause irritation to the feline intestines. In our quest to keep our cat happy by treating them like family we share our eating habits which frankly are not healthy in most cases.

The right food and eating habits is also the most boring. Small amounts of the same food everyday at the same time in the same small amounts. No wonder none of us eat properly. We think we are not treating our pet well if we limit the amount and variety of their food.

Another issue that we some times over look is the amount of stress in our cats lives. Even though they may not be planning a wedding or a vacation they know if you are and that adds to their stress. Small changes in the house hold are big changes for them.

Remember cats are just like us, individuals, with individual needs. The more you try to meet those individual needs the happier your feline will be. So look at your own life and that of your feline and see if it can be more simple and less stressful. Easier said than done I know, but we can try for the sake of our health.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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