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4 tricks for potty training puppies

So you want to get a puppy? How exciting! Unfortunately puppies don’t
come with a user’s guide and your puppy will definitely need some
training. The most important thing you need to do is learn about potty
training puppies. Most new owners dread this and think it will be a
difficult, unpleasant project for all involved. Not so if you know what
you’re doing! Here are some suggestions to help.

* You’ll need to take your puppy outside right after he eats, sleep and
plays. Most puppies will need to go to the bathroom after each of these
activities. Its also important that you do this every time. If your
puppy doesn’t go right away it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to relieve
himself and you can take him out again later. It just means the urge
hasn’t struck or he’s distracted. Take him back inside and try again in
about 10-15 minutes.

* Make a schedule for when you need to take your puppy out and stick to
it. If you need to write it down, go ahead. Make sure everyone involved
in training your puppy knows the schedule and sticks to it. Consistency
is very important when potty training puppies.

* Designate an area in your yard for your puppy’s toilet and make sure
you take him to the same place every time. You want your puppy to learn
this is the area where he does his business. Another secret is that
your puppy will go back to where he can smell urine and be more likely
to relieve himself in the same spot.

* Decide on a command or verbal cue you want to use to tell your puppy
its time to go to the bathroom. You’ll use this command for the rest of
his life so make sure its something appropriate! You don’t want to give
your dog an off color command if others are around! “Go potty” or
something along those lines works well. Use the command as soon as your
puppy starts to go to the bathroom and keep repeating it until he’s
done. Your puppy will soon learn you give this command when you want
him to relieve himself.

* Praise your puppy for a job well done! Positive reinforcement is very
important when potty training puppies. As soon as he finishes, tell him
what a good dog he is. You can also reward him with a small treat.

* Your puppy will make mistakes while he’s learning. Never yell at him
and never, ever rub his nose in it. Your puppy won’t understand why you
are doing that. The only thing this does is cause your puppy to not
trust you. In addition, some dogs will start to eat their own feces.

This covered a few techniques and tips for potty training puppies. The
things you really need to understand are that consistency and praise
are going to be critical for your puppy to learn well. There are
actually quite a few more techniques you should learn before you get
your puppy. Get started as soon as you can so you’re ready and waiting
when you bring your puppy home.

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