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Chow Chow dog breed – Is it right for you

The Chow dog breed has been recognized, by the AKC, since 1903. The Chow dog breed has been compared to the Spitz dog breed. However, the true bloodline of the Chow Chow is unknown. However, the Chow dog breed has been widely popular in China for possibly thousands of years. The Chow was originally bred as a as a hunting dog where it was used to sniff out and find birds. However, the breed started to decline in numbers and quality. But a few Chow’s were kept inside monasteries and with wealthy families and survived.

The “Chow Chow” name originate during the 1700’s when large numbers of these canines were imported into England from China. This breed was introduced in the United States around the late 1800s when they were imported from various parts of England. Queen Victoria, the Queen of England had a great affection for the chow breed which helped boost the dogs popularity.

Personality wise, the Chow is a top rated watchdogs, and its ability to protect, its family, is tremendous. This dog is immensely cautious about protecting its family members. The Chow Chow though is very reserved and very suspicious of strangers and other pets. As it is hard to train, the Chow dog breed may be a dog for new dog owners to avoid.

Taking Care of Your Chow Dog

Chow’s have a thick coat ; so, they do not fare well during hot, humid weather. The Chow Chow dog breed’s coat is smooth, yet thick, and needs a good brushing at least once per week. The Chow may have rough fur and need to be brushed every other day. This is especially true when they are shedding. For exercise, a brisk walk, each morning, is all that is needed.

Health Statistics: Lifespan: Lives up to 13 years with 9 being average. Major health Problems: entropy, CHD, and patellar luxation. Minor health problems include stenotic nares, elbow dysplasia, distichiasis, gastric torsion, cataracts, and glaucoma. distichiasis, gastric torsion, cataracts, and glaucoma.

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