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Building a wonderful cat post

Providing pets with the proper stimulation can prevent them from doing damage to the home and furnishings. They all have natural instincts, such as the feline’s need to scratch things, that can be quite destructive if not properly directed. This is where a well thought out cat post comes in handy.

Creating the perfect scratching post for one’s cat starts with understanding what their needs are. Felines can not help but dig their claws into materials that will catch on them and harsh sounding snapping sensation. They also love to stretch, climb and chase fast moving items.

They do not wreak destruction on purpose, it is just an unfortunate by-product to misdirected habits. The scratching action is actually the way they instinctively hone their nails and keep them at the right length and sharpness. This behavior is genetic and even those whose claws have been removed will continue to perform it. However, felines can be trained as to where they can acceptably carry out these activities.

To make a play tree that is attractive to felines, there are a few things to consider. First, it should be sturdy and tall enough that Kitty can stretch out as long as their muscles will allow. Cats love to reach as far as possible and claw their way back down.

Sisal is the perfect product to cover the vertical scratching surface with. It is a heavy rope that is wound around the pole. It is thick enough to give resistance, yet durable enough not to shred to pieces under such harsh treatment. Placing an upright structure of this type in every room will help keep the furniture, carpet and curtains safe.

Adding different levels and activities can make the tree even more desirable. Along with the sisal covered pole, include features like a wool covered sleeping platform, a carpeted cubbyhole for hiding and even a furry or feathery toy handing by a string that can be batted around. These additions to a cat post are sure to keep Kitty occupied and happy.

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