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House training a dog

House training, house breaking, potty training or toilet training refers to teaching the dog when and where to go to the bathroom or to the designated toilet area. In spite of the fact that dogs are well loved by all the members of the family, no one would want to clean the mess that the dog leaves everywhere. House training, just like any other form of dog training can be as easy or as difficult as you can make it. The success of teaching the dog to do its business on the designated area largely depends on you more than on the dog.

House breaking the puppy is not the responsibility of the breeder. This task that will fall on your shoulders is best started while the dog is still a puppy. Any person that have had the opportunity of living in a home with dog will notice that these animals form habits.

Dogs that have soiled a particular area will return to the same place over and over again to defecate or urinate. It would be your responsibility to guide the dog so that the habit that will be formed is to relieve itself in the designated area. This can be rather difficult especially if you do not have the time to supervise the dog at all times. The good news is that dogs generally take about a week to establish a routine.

All you have to do is choose a suitable place that will be the dog’s toilet. Suitable areas can be the garage, a corner of the bathroom or in the yard. You have to take the dog to the designated area after waking up, after eating and before sleeping at night as it is during these times that dogs need to do their business. Dogs always want to please their owners and the praise will be an effective training tool. Dogs that are not confined in a crate can have accidents inside the house thus you need to be very observant of the signs that the dog wants to relieve himself.

Dogs make wonderful companions but these animals are entirely dependent on their owners. Thus if you have set your heart in getting a dog, you must be ready to take on the huge responsibility of providing care and undertaking the various trainings that will make the dog a valued member of the family

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