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A perfect hunting companion: English Springer Spaniel

Spaniel dog breeds were first seen at the onset of the medieval era. According to dog breed historians, this dog breed are seen on the paintings of some famous artists. Originally, this dog breed came into existence to serve as a companion for hunting. The name of this dog breed is obtained from the dog’s capability to spring the game bird into the air when guns were not invented yet.

 The advent of firearms such as shotguns made the spaniel to be replaced. But Spaniel still continued its reputation as being a fun hunting assistant even up to this present time. Dog owners always prefer to have this type of dog breed because of its outstanding skill to hunt rabbits and waterfowls.

Since this dog always wants to be near its owner, it is usually compared to Velcro. That is why, it is usual to find this dog always being with the owner wherever he goes. Certainly, the English Springer Spaniel likes to be with his owner all the time.

The dog’s natural playfulness and cheerfulness as its main traits are the reasons why this dog is in demand to people who want to own this breed. With towels, empty bottles, any unused textiles, and toys such as a ball, this dog can have fun playing all by itself. Dog fanatics want to have this type of dog because of its extraordinary humor.

Simple regular training for the English Springer spaniel plays a vital role for his overall health condition. Aside from healthy diet, mental exercise for the dog that includes mostly of physical activities such as Frisbee games are ideal. Also, training the dog to find something you have hidden somewhere is a good mental exercise; this dog breed is good in retrieving things that are kept.

Its unlimited stamina requires intense exercise in order to have its mental and physical health optimized. Failing to maintain or boost the overall health condition of this breed type would lead to problems such as contracting diseases. Nothing is more important than to ensure the health of the dog to keep it safe from usually contracted illnesses such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA and hip dysplasia.

PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy and hip dysplasia are the usual diseases for English Springer Spaniels; so, asking for health clearances is a requirement. Failing to clean the dog’s ears every week causes the growth of yeast and bacteria. Aside from ear infections, English Springer Spaniel dog would be prone to brain infections caused by yeast and bacteria.

English Springer Spaniel dogs are generally fun to be with because of their being submissive to the owner, easy-to-be-taught of new techniques, and seem to be possessing unlimited stamina. Their innate alertness and attentiveness are best characteristics that hunting companion-seekers want. Additional interesting information about the English Springer Spaniel is that it ranks 13th as the most intelligent dog breed type.

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