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Australian Cattle dog: A fun pet to have

The Australian Cattle Dogs origin is hard to identify because no one has documented the development of this breed. It was in the past that several breeding processes were done just to produce a breed that suits the remote or rural areas of Australia. This breed was determined as a unique breed at the onset of 1897.

Dingoes and collies were said to be the genetic parents of Australian Cattle dog. It was only discovered later that Dalmatians and Bull Terrier also have contributed to the genes of the breed. The mixture of dingoes, collies, Dalmatians and bull terrier were found out to have produced an ultimate heeler.

Such well-muscled, sturdy, and very agile breed makes an ideal characteristic combination to serve as a helper for cattle-herding. Australian Cattle Dog is named after its skills in droving cattle. This is the common reason why this breed is also mistakenly referred to as Australian Shepherd which is a totally different breed.

There are a lot of names that can be referred to this dog breed. Names include Heelers, Blue Heelers, Queensland Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, and Queensland Red Heelers. If you are a fan of sporting games such as Flyball or Frisbee games, you would be having a lot of fun if you play it with an Australian Cattle Dog.

The owner should maintain the total health requirements of the dog. Allowing it to engage in activities such as tossing a ball, or making it as a jogging companion can already be a good physical and mental exercise for the dog. Training the dog regularly to enhance its stamina and strength is the priority if you want to own this type of breed.

Canine disease such as PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy is also common for this breed. Luxating Patellas, Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligaments, and Hereditary Deafness also afflicts this type of dog if the health condition is overlooked by the owner. Health clearances are important to be acquired before owning Australian Cattle Dog breed.

Its coat usually comes in red or blue speckled. The most distinctive feature of this breed is the blue or tan marking on the head with tan points. If you want a dog of this breed for show competition, the ones with black markings on the body is not good; usually, its body has evenly spread red speckles.

Australian Cattle Dogs life expectancy reaches from 12 years up to 15 years. Such life expectancy wont be met if the owner knows nothing about the inevitable hereditary disorders of this dog type. However, this breed has something to be proud of above all other breeds because it was recorded by Guinness Book of World Records that an Australian Cattle Dog has lived for 29 earth years or 203 dog years.

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