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Getting to know the Bichon Shih Tzu mix

The Bichon Shih Tzu mix is one of the most popular mixed breeds available today. Its small size makes it ideal for city dwellers, and its tendency not to shed means it is the perfect pet for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Your Bichon Shih Tzu mix wants to go everywhere with you. His small size makes him easy to carry in a messenger bag or handbag, and his coat does not shed, so you will save a lot of wear and tear on your furniture and upholstery from not having to constantly remove dog hair. And allergy sufferers in your family will thank you for getting a mixed breed instead of a purebred Shih Tzu.
Looking at Bichon Shih Tzu pictures will give you an idea of which traits can be traced to each breed. Most Bichon Shih Tzu mix dogs have the fluffy coat of the Bichon Frise with the well-marked, flat face of the Shih Tzu.

If you enjoy taking pictures of your dog, the Bichon Shih Tzu is an excellent subject for photography, and your photo album will soon be full of Bichon Shih Tzu pictures. Most Bichon Shih Tzus have light-colored coats, so the best background for photographing the breed is a dark backdrop, free of any distracting clutter. Using a dark, neutral background will ensure that your pet is in the spotlight.

These dogs are far too active to sit for a photograph, so have your camera ready during a vigorous play session with your Bichon Shih Tzu. When your dog starts to tire, pick up the camera and start taking photos, shooting no higher than your dog’s eye level. Take a variety of shots, capturing your dog playing, resting, and looking directly into the camera.

Thanks to digital photography, bad shots don’t cost you a thing, so don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures of your dog to ensure that you will get at least one or two great portraits from each session.

A veterinarian should examine your new Bichon Shih Tzu as soon as you can schedule an appointment. At the vet clinic, your dog can get any necessary treatments, like de-worming and vaccinations, and you can schedule an appointment to spay or neuter your dog.

If you don’t already have a veterinarian, consult friends and family members who have pets to find out where they go for veterinary care. Very soon you will have a list of veterinarians from which to choose. Select the recommended vet clinic closest to your home, as you will want your dog to be a Bichon Shih Tzu picture of perfect health. At your Bichon Shih Tzu’s first appointment, the veterinarian will examine the dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, and coat, and will listen to the dog’s heart and bowel sounds. Fortunately, cross breeding has eliminated some problems specific to each pure breed, like the Shih Tzu’s watery eyes and wheezing and the Bichon Frise’s sensitive skin.

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