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How To Dog-Proof Your Car for the Summer

When you’re a new dog owner, you quickly realize that there are certain hoops you’ll have to jump through before things are ideal between you and your companion. This means that you will have to devote time to training them to behave and understand your cues.

Dogs can really mess up your vehicle if you’re not careful about how you travel with them. They can chew on parts of your car, shed, and spread dirt, dander, bugs, and mud. They somehow always find a way to track in mud that you never even realized was on them. This guide will cover how to dog-proof your car for the summer while you teach them to ride in style. Soon, they’ll learn to love traveling with you without ruining your vehicle.

Carrier vs. Leash

Some people believe that it’s best to put dogs in their carriers and buckle them up for car rides. Others prefer to leave dogs unrestrained so they don’t get anxious. Whatever you do, you’ll need to create a safe, secure place for your furry friend to stay put while you’re driving. You don’t want them to get up and attempt to crawl in your lap as you’re driving or distract you from the road.

Designated Area

Some people take the less restrictive approach and designate the back of the vehicle to their dogs by creating an open spot for them to get comfortable safely and securely. This reduces some of your furry friends’ anxiety when riding in a vehicle and contains messes. There are even slings designed to look like giant seat covers that will hold your dog in place and give them an even smoother ride without any stress.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

No matter how well-groomed your dog is, and no matter how little your dog may shed, they all have dander. As you travel with your dog, the dander will build up, and you’ll need to stay on top of it. If you have a designated space or a sling for your pets, then it will be easier to clean as most of the mess will be contained in one area. You’ll need to keep cleaning supplies on hand to maintain your car.

While there may be many ways to dog-proof your car for summer, nothing will get the job done as well as what we have covered today. So, there’s no time like the present to get your ride ready for summer!

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