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How To Guard Your Dog’s Health and Safety This Winter


Your beloved furry friends love to run and play outside, no matter the weather. However, playing outside can be dangerous in the winter. Don’t let your dog’s shaggy coat trick you into believing they’re always warm! Pets may experience the hazards of freezing temperatures just as we do. Read these tips for guarding your dog’s health and safety this winter.

How To Guard Your Dog’s Health and Safety This Winter
Stay Inside

Staying inside all day is tough when you have an energetic pet who thinks being outside is the greatest thing in the world. However, they may have to endure boring days inside when temperatures are below freezing. Let them out to do their business, then bring them back indoors.

If your dog must go outside, limit their time and check for signs of frostbite when they come in. Frostbite usually appears at the tip of the tail and on the ears.

Protect Their Paws

Even big dogs need foot protection in the winter weather. Look for booties to protect your dog’s feet on walks. It may take time for them to get used to wearing shoes, so let them “break them in” indoors before taking an excursion in the snow.

Wipe Snow off Their Paws

When your fluffy buddy goes out in the snow and ice without shoes, you should wipe their paw pads before bringing them inside so the icy cold doesn’t sit between their toes for too long. Even walking on clear sidewalks requires you to clean your dog’s paws once you return home. Slushy snow and dirt are bound to get into their fur during the wintertime.

Get a Heated Dog Bed

Spoil your dog this winter with a heated dog bed! Many dogs sleep on or close to the floor where cold drafts lurk. The special treat of a heated bed at naptime will warm their chilled bones!

Lock Away the Antifreeze

Antifreeze is great for your vehicle in the winter but deadly for your dog. It only takes one teaspoon to cause kidney failure! Keep bottles of it up high on a shelf and immediately wipe up any spills.

Hydration Is Important

Pets get dry skin in the winter just like humans do, so they need plenty of hydration. When it’s cold, your dog may drink less because they aren’t as thirsty; however, encourage them to drink water when you can.

You can prevent dry skin by installing a water softener in your home. Pets benefit from soft water in the same ways we do: softer skin and all-around better health. A water softener is likely the answer to an itchy pooch in the wintertime. Follow these steps to guard your dog’s health and safety this winter, and they’ll stay warm and comfy!

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