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Puppy teething relief

Every puppy teethes, but not too many dog owners really understand the process. This can be physically painful for your puppy and an emotionally painful time for you. Your puppy is hurting and you do not know what to do to soothe him/her. There are things that can be done and it is very important to learn what puppy teething relief methods will help your four leafed friend.

What most people do not realize is that puppies have two teething periods in their lives. The first period comes at about three weeks old when their baby teeth come in. This is what most owners do not realize is happening. Puppies typically do not experience the same pain in period one as they do in the period two. Period two is when their adult teeth come in. This is when the puppies discomfort is realized.

Adult teeth begin to appear in your puppy around the time they are 6 months old. First the canines will appear, then incisors, then finally the pre-molars.

In order to save your shoes and furniture from the gnawing behaviors of your teething puppy, this is when you should seek puppy teething relief! This will also alleviate some of his pain, as well.

When puppies start their chewing stage it means that they are starting to teethe. During this stage they will chew anything they can get their teeth into. If you ask any owner why their puppy does this, they will usually say that it is just something puppies do. While this is true, they are really chewing because by putting pressure on their teeth and gums they are actually relieving pain from teething.

Chewing is something that all puppies do naturally and there are some things that can be done to help your puppy and your furniture. There is some gel medicine that you can get from your vet that might help the puppy’s pain. When the puppy feels less pain they will chew less. Get new chew toys and only allow the puppy to play with those. If the puppy is chewing on a chair leg for instance, take a chew toy and place it in front of the puppy, more likely than not the puppy with take the chew toy and leave your chair leg alone.

One thing that will feel good on your puppy’s gums is the cold. So try freezing some of his chew toys overnight and offering them to him in the morning. This will hopefully lessen both the swelling and the discomfort in the gum area. It’s best to have a large selection of dog toys and always rotate them through the freezer so there is always a cold one ready and waiting for your puppy.

A puppy will use your shoes to help get it through its teething period. This is not a pleasant time for your puppy which thankfully does not last all that long. Providing a little bit of puppy teething relief at this stage will help ease the discomfort and may just save your favorite pair of shoes.

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