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The Top Carpet Care Tips for Homes With Pets


Having pets can be tough on some of your home’s surfaces, such as your flooring and carpeting. We all try to pet-proof our homes as much as possible, but accidents happen—you just need to know how to be prepared for them. Learn the top carpet care tips for homeowners with pets to save your carpeting from pet wear and tear.

The Top Carpet Care Tips for Homes With Pets


Catch Urine Spots Early

Whether you’re potty training a new puppy or caring for an elderly cat, accidents happen in even the most watchful households. When your pet has an accident, the important thing is to address it quickly so that the stain doesn’t set into your carpet. Grab a handful of paper towels and blot the urine spot up until the paper towels come up dry. Then, use either a store-bought stain correction fluid or a DIY spot mixture at home. You can make your own with one teaspoon of ammonia and one cup of water. Let this mixture sit on the stain for about five minutes, then scrub the area and use a wet vacuum to absorb it.

Increase Your Vacuum Schedule

When you bring a dog or cat home, be ready for your vacuuming schedule to ramp up in frequency. Our furry friends leave fur and hair, dander, litter, and other debris on our carpets. If you don’t keep up with regular vacuuming, this debris can start to collect in your carpet and wear the fibers down. Built-up fur and dander can also cause pet odor in your home, which you might not notice at first—but guests will. Increase your vacuuming schedule to at least once per week to prevent damage to your carpet and stop odors in your home.

Consider a Full Carpet Cleaning

Even if you keep up with pet stains and vacuuming, your pets can still take a toll on your rugs. Sometimes, you might not be able to tackle a stain before it sets in. For set-in stains like these and debris buildup, you might want to think about steam cleaning your carpet or calling in professionals. Consider the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning service. A deep cleaning treatment can help remove stains, brighten your carpet, and leave the whole room smelling fresh and clean. Turning to a professional cleaning service can be just what your carpets need.

Keep your carpets looking good as new with these carpet care tips for homes with pets. Remember that accidents happen, and you can treat carpet damage with the right tips and tools. These tips can help save you from countless headaches, especially during the training process.

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