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What are the various types of dog fences?

When deciding on a dog fence, dog owners can choose from various types of dog fences. The dog owner’s budget, the size of the dog, the size of the area that needs fencing, and any regulations regarding fencing need to be considered when choosing a dog fence.

Invisible dog fences do not change the look of the yard and are suitable for most dog breeds. Many times, invisible fences may be used where regular fencing may be prohibited by the rules of homeowners associations or local ordinances.

Invisible dog fences may not work for greyhounds. Greyhounds may run over the boundary of the invisible dog fence and not be responsive the shock until they are past the boundary. An advantage of invisible fences is that they prevent dogs from being able to take under the fence to escape.

Various types of dog fences blend nicely into landscaping. The traditional picket fences would be well suited for small to medium dog breeds. A larger dog breed may climb or jump over a picket fence.

Privacy fences may be suitable alternatives to picket fences if the dog could jump or climb over a standard picket fence. Privacy fences are similar to picket fences but may be much taller. A disadvantage of picket and privacy fences is that many dogs will dig holes under these fences in escape attempts.

Many dog owners use chain-link fencing. Chain-link fences are sturdy and durable fences that can be used to enclose an entire yard or a small section as a dog run.

A split rail fence is a type of landscaping fence that is not well suited for dog containment. Dogs of all sizes can often get through a split rail fence by either crawling under the fence or jumping over it.

Tall brick or masonry walls are used to contain dogs and deter people from entering property in some suburban communities. However, these walls can be incredibly expensive to build.

Temporary fencing such as chicken wire or snow fences can be helpful until a permanent fencing is installed. If these types of fences are used too long, they may rust and develop holes.

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