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Why is a dog’s nose cold?

Dogs are highly valued not only for their loyal and affectionate nature but also for their excellent scenting ability. The nose has been a very efficient “tool” that has helped dogs to survive in the wild. The nose is one of the very important assets of dogs that allowed them to survive in the wild. Thanks to the excellent scenting ability, dogs in the wild were able to survive by hunting and by avoiding their predators. Dogs are not only wonderful companions because due to the smelling ability dogs have become the dependable helpers and protectors of man. Hunting or fighting predators are no longer necessary task for modern day dogs but the scenting ability continues to be a valuable asset.

Aside from being home companions dogs are used in other capacities as well. Dogs have been utilized to herd but in recent years these animals noted to have excellent scenting abilities were trained to become bomb and narcotic sniffing dogs. Due to the excellent scenting ability, dogs have saved lots of lives as rescue dogs. Dogs really do have awesome scenting abilities because studies have proven that dogs can detect cancer. Dogs are outstanding companions but the outstanding scenting ability have further elevated the dog’s status in the eyes of man

A wet and cold nose is one of the distinct characteristics of dogs. Dogs are probably the only animals that have cold noses and an owner can’t help but wonder if the cold nose is behind the dog’s excellent scenting ability. The extra moisture that makes the nose cold is considered as the reason for the dog’s excellent scenting abilities.

Similar to humans, dogs that are outdoors in cold weather would have cold noses too.  Apart from being active, dogs are curious animals too. Dogs are inclined to roam and when they do they would do a lot of sniffing along the way. Dogs have the inclination to sniff the ground so that the moisture from the grasses will be picked up by the nose. Licking is a normal behavior of dog. Dogs will lick anything interesting but as these animals are food motivated, the nose will be licked after a meal to eat any bits of food.

The moisture from the long tongue can be easily transferred to the nose. The coldness of the nose enhances the dog’s body temperature regulating system. Dogs have an inefficient temperature regulating system. To regulate body temperature, a dog would open the mouth, hang out the tongue and pant. The fluid that keeps the nose moist and cold aids in regulating body temperature.

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