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Discover winning nutrition tips for better canine & feline health

More than likely you have noticed pet food being marketed as delicious and
nutritional. Often, these pet foods appear to mimic the human diet with natural
ingredients however the food is actually highly processed. It is vital to
pay attention and use common sense. The consequences of pet illness, costly vet
visits and the pain and suffering in which your pet endures, prove the
importance of boosting your dog’s health. There’s more to good dog nutrition
than simply finding the proper food for your dog.

Dog’s eyes are sensitive and, like humans, are susceptible to infection, which
can be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Checking your dog’s eyes can
help determine your dog’s current health. So the next time you look with love
upon your pet, look into his eyes and see if they are as they should

In addition, you should pay special attention to mouth and paw care,
so give your pets pads and claws a regular visual inspection. Healthy teeth will
help your furry companion to have proper digestion from the get-go.

your pet has specific medical needs your vet may deem it necessary to give you a
dog food prescription diet, however if you feed raw to begin with, or at least
no byproducts and gluten, you’ll probably almost never need to go to the

BARF & The Parasite Myth. Many pet owners are providing their
pets with raw food since recent scandals have shown that major brands had
dangerous ingredients in their composition. The BARF diet, despite common
misconceptions, is quite safe for dogs and cats.

Raw food can contain
parasites and bacteria, like; Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Trichinella –
Trichinosis, Protozoa, Trematodes, Toxoplasma (cats only), and Salmon Poisoning
Disease (dogs only).

But the reality is that when we say Bones and Raw
Food (BARF) for dogs, we mean meat & meaty bones fit for human consumption.
When non-raw advocates talk about the parasite risks, they neglect to mention
that parasite levels are negligible in human grade quality raw dog food.

When you freeze raw meat and bones you will kill most parasites and
bacteria; for instance, freezing salmon will destroy any parasite that can kill
a dog. An effective and fast way to get rid of parasites in salmon and trout is
to simply deep freeze them for a couple of days.

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