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Cat beds – How to choose them for choosy cats

Whether you are getting a new kitten or thinking of changing things up for the cats you already have, cat beds are likely going to be a part of the equation.  If you still think cat beds are nothing more than a pillow for your feline to curl up on, you are quite behind the times. Cat beds have come a long way.

There is still the pillow part of cat beds. After all, a cat will want somewhere comfortable to sleep. But, that’s not all. Today’s cat beds come in styles from a simple-edged pillow to a four-poster princess bed.

While your instinct may be to go out and purchase a bed that is adorable, just because you like it, you need to take your cat into consideration before you purchase cat beds.

Not all cats like all beds. While most dogs will let you switch out their bed to anything you want and will curl up and settle in just fine, cats have much more discerning tastes.

What types of things do your cats like? Take note of the current beds you are using, if your cats like them that’s great. Otherwise, take note of the places your cats like to sleep. You should choose beds that suit the style your cats prefer if you want them to use them. Here are some common sleeping styles:

Top of the world

– These cats like to be able to sleep well off the ground and look at what is happening below them. For these types of cats, cat beds on perches may be the best answer. These cat beds could be the top of a cat tree, where it is a carpeted mat that is 3-6 feet above ground level.

Their Own World

– For some cats, sleepy time is a time when they don’t want anyone to know where they are. They like to hide under the bed, behind the furniture, or in some other dark space where they can be alone and feel safe and secure. For these cats, you should consider tunnel cat beds. These are enclosed cat beds, which have one entryway. Cats can curl up inside these cat beds and feel as if they have their own den.

Sun Worshipper

– Some cats like the feel of warm sunlight through a window more than anything else in the world. These sun worshippers need cat beds that will allow them as much sunlight as possible. The best cat beds for these felines are windowsill cat beds. While a windowsill is not wide enough for a cat to curl up in on its own, these cat beds can attach to your windowsill and create a perfect bed that will get light as long as the sun is shining.

All cats are different and the cat beds that work for some of your feline friends may not work for others. In some respects, purchasing cat beds can be a trial and error process, but the more your study your cats’ current actions, the more likely you are to get their beds right the first time.

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