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Safe dog food

Your beloved dog is not immune to potential risks from food purchased in the store. Just as many human foods are recalled due to bacteria and other dangers, so are dog foods. You might want to consider making homemade dog food for your dog. You will not need to worry about harmful substances being found in your dogs food if you make it from home.

Table scraps do not constitute as dog food. Your dog needs a well balanced diet of food just like you do. Their food must contain meats and vegetables. Foods containing starches are necessary for your dogs food as well. Meat will be the main component of your dogs food.

Chicken, lamb, liver, kidney, beef and turkey are the most popular meats to use if you want to make homemade dog food that is fit for a king. Dairy products including eggs and other components should be included in your homemade dog food. Rice, potatoes and other starchy ingredients are necessary as well.

You will want to cook meat products before you mix them with other ingredients to make your homemade dog food. Many recipes call for you to mix all ingredients together and then cook or bake them for awhile. Think of it as making a casserole for supper, the only difference is this meal is for your pooch not your family.

You can grind the meat you will use in a meat grinder if it is not already ground meat. If your dog does not like any meat chunks, you will want to process the meat. You can make large quantities, but it is important to remember that once food is cooked and prepared for your dog it should be eaten within three days.

Your dog can gain many healthful benefits from homemade dog food. You can protect your dog from chemicals used to process dog food that is available in stores. In addition, you can help to avoid bacteria and other dangers that can find their way to dog food in stores. You should talk to your dogs veterinarian before you start to make their homemade dog food.

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