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How to teach a puppy not to bite – 7 steps to remember

How to teach a puppy not to bite is one of the first behaviours you will want to manage in your new puppy. If not prevented early on, this type of biting can eventually develop in an adult dog into a situation when someone could end up injured.

Remain Consistent

It is important that everyone trains the puppy in the same way. Teach your children to treat your puppy exactly as you do. Biting is a natural act in a puppy. It is natural for them to bite their litter mates as an act of playing and so they will want to do exactly the same with you or you children.

Act Like A Puppy

Understanding how they behave in the litter makes it much easier to stop them. One of their litter mates yelping will cause them to stop, so any time he nibbles on your fingers all you have to do is yelp just like him. He will stop biting and then you can just move your hand away. Don’t play with him for a while after he bit you. Use praise and treats when you are playing and he doesn’t bite at all.

Keep Your Training Sessions Short

It’s important that your training sessions don’t go on for too long. Puppies don’t have a long attention span. Do keep the training positive and your voice happy. Give lots of praise. Pet the puppy when he pays attention to what you are saying.

Plenty Of Toys

When you happen to be working on the way to educate a new puppy not to bite make certain the puppy is provided with toys to bite and chew on. In case your dog bites your hand say ouch or yelp. Keep consistent in this. Should your puppy backs off it is important to let him know that this pleases you.

Provide Lots Of Love And Attention

All puppies require loads of love and attention. They also enjoy plenty of play time with the correct toys. Puppies like texture. Therefore, always keep lots of different types of toys on hand for your puppy to play with. He will pick his favourite one. Use that one when you are teaching him not to bite.

Don’t Give Your Puppy Old Shoes And Clothes

However, do not offer your old boots and shoes or clothes to your new puppy to play with. Your puppy has absolutely no understanding what may be new and what is not. He will think this implies it is alright to chew up all your clothes and shoes. Puppies can get confused easily. He needs to realize that your possessions are not his toys.

Stick To The Routine

Ensure everyone sticks to the program. You should never have the children let your puppy nip or bite them during play, this will certainly confuse the puppy. Train them to yelp and finish playing too. Make sure your puppy is provided treats for good behaviour and not for bad.

Bear in mind, it is a natural thing for puppies to bite as well as nip at their playmates so it usually takes a little time to unlearn the behaviour. No one wants a dog that is aggressive towards anyone therefore it is really worth putting into practice all these tips on how to teach a puppy not to bite.

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