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Potty training puppies – advice

We all know that you do not actually use a potty when you are potty training puppies. Once you understand that you dog will not make use of a potty or a toilet, you can learn about how and where to train them to do their business.

You have to remember that there are many different types or breeds of dogs. The training of your dog depends on the breed you have. Some dogs learn quicker than others, and some dogs are easier to potty train than others. If you have a choice as to the pup you get, make sure you do your research. Learn how to train a specific breed, and how to best handle it.

The next thing that you want to keep in mind before you get started is that you must not get angry with the dog. If your dog does not get the potty or house training right the first time, give it a few minutes and try again later. It is sure to happen sometime, and when it does, make sure that you reward him or her with some playtime, or even a snack.

Firstly – A good schedule is very important in the training process. And this does not just pertain to the potty training process. You want your dog to become a part of your routine, and to pick up the routine quickly. If you wake up at a certain time in the morning, keep it to that time. The same goes for sleeping time, and eating time. Soon the dog will have your routine down perfectly, and will wake you up if you oversleep.

Step two – To start with, make sure that you keep your puppy in a room where the floors cannot get damaged. The best place for this will be in a tiled room, or a room with concrete floors. You do not want your little doggy messing up your rugs or carpets. Also, you want to lay down newspaper on the floor and make sure that there is a designated place for sleeping.

Step three – Decide whether you want your puppy to do its business inside or outside. Many people opt for outside, as that just seems like a natural thing to do. However, if you feel that you do not want your puppy getting too cold, a specified place inside a bathroom is a good start. Also, you want to make sure that whenever the puppy does its business, it is in that one area only. You will have to be with it initially to make sure this happens.

Step four – If you take your puppy outside for a pee or poo, make sure that it is only in one spot. The dog will need a bit of time to get used to that spot, but it will happen. Make sure you take him or her to that same spot every time you think he or she needs to go.

Always Remember – If the dog does nothing for the first few times of taking him or her to the “toilet spot”, do not play with him. You want to make it known that going to the toilet is important. So, if it does not happen, take him back inside and confine him to his sleeping area.

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