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Superior dog training information

Dog training information has been very helpful in teaching people to train their new dog. Both new puppy and older dogs alike need ongoing training. Much of the dog training information available today will teach you the proper way of housebreaking, eliminating digging, and more.

Many people believe that they can housebreak a puppy by “rubbing their nose in it” when they have had an accident. This does not work. All it really does is scare and humiliate your best friend and can actually make the problem worse.

If you want to train your new puppy, or even an older dog to use a specific outdoor location, here’s what you will do. Obviously, the first thing to do is choose a specific area and stick with it. This is the only place you’ll bring your dog to take care of his business. Eventually, your dog will have success, and you will give him a treat, as well as a great deal of praise. You should bring your dog out many times a day, until this habit is established, and your dog fully understands.

Dogs respond very well to repetition. It is in fact quite easy to teach a dog a new command. Just as when you want a dog to stop jumping on someone, you will use the word “off”, you will choose a keyword for when you want your dog to take care of his business. This is the word you will use when you bring your dog to the designated training area. It will take time, and your dog may still have some accidents, just remember to be patient. Eventually your dog will be housebroken

Some dogs seem to bark continuously. Needless to say this is an extremely annoying habit. No matter how many times you yell at the dog to stop, he continues to bark incessantly. Yelling at the dog to stop, in fact may be why he barks. When your dog is seeking your attention by barking and you respond to his barking by shouting you are just reinforcing his behavior.

Dog obedience training, and proper socialization will help to eliminate, or at least decrease this annoyance. You will need to exercise a great deal of patience, as it will take some time for this habit to be broken.

Many dogs enjoy digging and this is especially true for Labrador Retrievers. There many reasons that a dog may dig. Some of these include boredom, need for warmth or cooling, shelter, and even natural instinct. Although your dog does not see anything wrong with this, you certainly will.

If this is not a problem which causes you great concern, and you have a large enough area, you may decide to allow your dog to dig in a certain area. If this is a habit that you would like to change, there are several different methods which may work. Be sure to play with the dog a lot so he does not become bored. Spend a great deal of time outdoors with your dog, and when you see him start to dig, firmly tell him NO! This may be all that it takes to make your dog stop digging.

There are volumes of books available that are loaded with dog training information. If you are considering getting a new puppy, or adopting an older dog, you will definitely want to purchase one of these invaluable books.

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