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The last dog training course you need

When you were a kid, having a wild dog for a pet was probably not so bad for you. You always had someone to blame little “accidents” on, but now that you've gained a few years and some little wisdom it time to change all that!  Plus, it's YOUR stuff getting destroyed now, so the novelty has worn off.  Choosing the appropriate dog training course can be difficult, but with these tips you should be able to find the “best fit” for both of you.

Some people will tell you not to waste your time and money. That a firm voice is all that is necessary. For some rare animals, that may be true, but most will benefit from training. A trained dog is much less likely to bite a rambunctious child than an untrained one. You can also have a much happier relationship with your dog, if you are confident that they will not run away, or attack other animals at the dog park.

Why is the course material going to work for you? You should think about how you like to learn. Do you want to be guided gently, or allowed to explore topics at your own pace? Or do you prefer step-by-step? Do you pick up on ideas more easily when you have read them or seen them demonstrated?

Now that you know your personal learning style, speak to the breeder or someone from the pet store where you got your dog (are thinking of getting him/her) and see if they can help you select an appropriate obedience regimen. Breeders are particularly good sources of information on this topic, since many of them have built their reputations on dog show performance.

Your local humane society is a trove of hidden knowledge. The staff here does not work with prized animals. They have gained experience in the trenches dealing with the worst of the worst. Utilize their expertise to turn your beast into a bundle of fun. Many animal shelters also offer obedience training at a lower-than-average cost.

You should frequent dog parks for ideas. Watch how the owners interact with their companions and when you find a well behaved dog approach the owner. This way, you have already seen the end results before vesting anytime in hearing what they have to say.

Ultimately, you may even opt for a home-based dog training course. This will allow you to train your puppy in an environment that is already comfortable and familiar for both of you. Many professional dog trainers have begun to market video-based courses as well as books.

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