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Tips and tricks to improve dog behavior training

When it comes to dog behavior training, beyond the standard house breaking, leash training, and bark and bite training, a dog owner must be prepared to deal with excessive urination when the dog gets excited, controlling whining, and crate training.

When it comes to house training you need to be able to follow your dog’s cues, take your time, and understand that a dog is learning bladder control just as humans do when potty training. To start house breaking, leave a large area of newspaper in one area of the house. Take the puppy to the papers whenever you notice them sniffing, and if they have an accident, show them and then take them to the paper. Gradually reduce the amount of paper to make the area smaller, and start taking the puppy outside at regular intervals of time to get the puppy used to the idea of going to the door.

In order to socialize your pet with other dogs and ensure that he or she gets his or her exercise, leash training is a necessity. The dog needs to realize that you are in control of the leash at all times. Quickly show the animal that you are in charge and you mean what you say. Reward good behavior, and warn bad behavior by tightening your grip on the leash.

The last thing you want to deal with is a dog that barks all time and chews or bites everything. Show the dog that this behavior is unacceptable by allowing him or her to spend time with other, older dogs. This will help because this is a task that nature would have assisted with.

One of the hardest things to deal with is the urination when a dog gets excited. This is something that nearly every puppy does, and it can be bothersome to the owner. Stop the dog from getting so excited by exposing him or her to the things that excite him or her often enough to prevent them from being a stimuli. If you get angry, you’ll turn the urination into submissive urination because the dog does not understand why or how he or she has upset you and is trying to please you. Either urination will be a problem.

To stop issues with excitement urination, you’ll want to stop the dog from being overly excited in the first place by continually exposing him or her to things that excite them until they no longer excite them to that point. If you do not and become angry, it will turn into submissive urination, just another issue you’ll have to deal with.

Crate training may sound awful, because you are confining the dog to such a small space. What you should do is make this place a special place for the puppy, so he or she will want to spend time there. Fill the area with food, water, toys, and activities, and reward the puppy for spending time there quietly. Do not use the crate as a form of punishment, or the dog will not see it as his or her spot.

Having a puppy or any dog that needs behavior training can be very stressful and requires a great deal of commitment and attention. Remember to stay calm and enjoy the puppy rather than to let it bother you. You’ll have a lifelong companion that way.

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