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Canine accessories galore!

Now is your chance to be a stylist - for your pet dog. From designer dog apparel to 'seatbelts' for dogs, your best friend can benefit from unique products designed especially for canines. There is so much to choose from to customize your dog's appearance.

There's nothing cuter than a pretty little dog with a charm collar; that tiny addition sparkling around the neck especially of a small dog, Aria make some great charms for dog collars including the Bone Charm, Pawprint and Majestic Crown in a variety of colors and stones.

Your tiny dog is just begging for a pretty decoration for example, a cute charm to wear around the collar, to look charmingly pretty in its own right but also maybe to complement your look, in a variety of colors and designs.

Any canine beauty queens would look just the picture with the Sweetheart charm twinkling around their throat, in pretty pink or pure crystal. The toy dog has become the latest fashion accessory for many starlets and "it" girls, with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie at the forefront. So it's not just what YOU wear but how your dog looks too.

For any dog, how he is turned out will say quite a bit about it owner, a raggle-taggle dog, dirty, unkempt etc might be a perfectly happy dog, but you will be seen as a neglectful owner.

And it's not just ladies who like to pamper themselves in the bath - there's a wide range of dog bath time products to make your beloved hound smell less like.. well, a dog. 8in1 produce some excellent products such as Crisp Apple Spray, ( also available in an array of alternative tantalising fragrances) to keep your dog smelling fresh between baths.

Maybe it's time to get some very individual accessories to complete your look; cue Pet Checks. These checks can be used just like regular checks, and make a great and individual gift for a friend or a relative, especially for dog or cat lovers at Christmas or birthdays.

A travel harness could save your dog's life, making it a wonderful gift. While the whole family is belted up in the car, the poor dog is loose and could jump out the window or be thrown about in an accident. This innovative yet logical idea comes from Cruising Companion. There is a seemingly endless range of clothing, bath products, charms and gadgets for dogs on the market.

They are great fun for both you and your dog, so get shopping!

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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