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Furry Friends: Reasons You Should Buy a Dog From a Breeder

When you decide it's time to get a dog, there are many things to consider. One of the first things to choose is where you’ll get the pup. Some of us fall in love with a specific breed, and others want a dog capable of particular jobs. Regardless of which category you fall into, read about these reasons to buy a dog from a breeder. 


Furry Friends: Reasons You Should Buy a Dog From a Breeder

You Know the Health Risks

Most breeds have specific health issues. Some dogs are at increased risk for certain cancers, respiratory diseases, eye problems, and more. When you get a purebred, you know which diseases and conditions to watch for, allowing you to take preventative measures. And responsible breeders always do health testing before having two dogs bred. Doing this decreases the risk of your puppy developing one of these conditions.

Training Becomes Easier

Every breed of dog responds differently to each type of training. For instance, some breeds like collies are sensitive and do best with positive reinforcement like praise. Other types of dogs are independent and require sternness to understand that you’re the alpha of this pack. When you get a rescue, you probably don’t know what breeds they are, so that training can come with extra obstacles.

You Need a Working Dog

Although many of us get dogs as companions, some need our furry companions to complete specific tasks. For example, some dogs go on search and rescue missions while other pups work as service animals. Each breed of dog was bred to serve specific tasks. Many in need of a guard dog choose to buy European Doberman puppies because these dogs are incredibly loyal and protective of their families.

Pro Tip

If you need a dog for a job, narrow down your breed options based on groups. So, if you need a dog to get rid of pests, look at different terriers. However, if you need a dog for herding, consider a collie.

You Know the Expected Behaviors

Depending on your living situation and household, the breed you get can be vital since some dogs have bounds of energy and require stimulation. Likewise, some are great with growing families, while other breeds don’t have a temperament suitable for children. If you have a lot of specifications on how you want your dog to behave, it’s best to buy from a responsible breeder.

Consistent Breed Advice

Whether you’ve never had a dog before or this is your first time owning a specific breed, knowing you’ll always have a support system can be a major relief. Often, breeders are happy to help their customers, and some even encourage it. So, an expert is a phone call away if you have questions about training, health conditions, diet, or anything else related to your pup.

You Find a Great Match

The final reason to buy a dog from a breeder is that they understand each pup in the litter and use this knowledge to best match buyers with dogs. This helps to ensure that your personality aligns with the puppy you get, which makes training easier; this also makes the dog an ideal fit for your family. And nothing tops a perfect match when it comes to finding your four-legged companion.

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