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Is your Beagle breeder telling you the truth?

There is a growing epidemic in this country. A recent spike in the popularity of beagles has led to the rise of a great many dishonest beagle breeders who run puppy mills to meet the growing demand for these sweet little dogs. These puppy mills, as a general rule, supply the majority of pet stores in this country; which is why many would-be beagle owners wind up taking sick or dying dogs home with them.

Even honest pet storeowners are buying these puppy mill pups, never knowing that they are purchasing unhealthy dogs from a dishonest beagle breeder. The only real way that you can be absolutely certain that you are getting a healthy beagle these days, is to be certain that you only buy a pup from a well respected beagle breeder that your trusted vet has experience with. This will help you to ensure that your new pup has received the proper care and treatment before being delivered to you.

The biggest issue with a dishonest breeder is that they will often continue to interbreed their dogs, so as to produce the largest amount of pups. Since beagles are prone to certain genetic health issues to begin with, this is a very dangerous practice.

One of the most common practices of the dishonest beagle breeder is the practice of interbreeding several generations together, without bringing in any new blood. This only serves to enhance the genetic health issues that plague this breed.

Also, the beagle breed is quite prone to certain genetic health defects that have been caused by the previous interbreeding policies of so many unscrupulous beagle breeders. The pups that result from a puppy mill are often the offspring of several generations that have been bred together to create more pups quickly. Very rarely is new blood brought into a puppy mill. This interbreeding accounts for a great many of the health problems faced by even honest breeders.

In order to ensure that you are not helping to put money into the pocket of a dishonest beagle breeder, it is important that you stay away from buying a beagle at your local pet store. Even if the pet storeowner has the best of intentions as far as not trying to buy pups from these breeders, most of them are still only concerned for the supply and demand that has arisen from the growing popularity of this little dog.

Understanding that beagles require extra care and medical attention because of the many years when interbreeding was such a common practice, is the first step to becoming the owner of one of these sweet little dogs. Having the responsibility to carefully research any beagle breeder you are considering buying a pup from is the second step.

It is the hope of honest breeders everywhere that, one day, these stores will stop carrying puppies altogether, in an effort to ensure that there are no more unwanted dogs being discarded without a care.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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